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Partners Enjoy the Following Perks for Life!

  • WEEKLY GROUP CALLS ON DISCORD! Each week on Thursday at 4:00 pm eastern (USA) I am available for partners to chat with me for an hour in the partners voice channel in discord!

  • PRIVATE MESSAGING! With the number of people wanting to contact me privately high and my time per day very limited to respond, I choose to only accept private messages from partners because then I have time to make a thoughtful response to each message.

  • PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS! Become a partner to get an unlimited license to reuse to all of my videos! To get access, reply to the welcome email confirming your email address for Dropbox and the folders you want access to!

  • 50% AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS! When a partner makes a sale on The University of Jerry Banfield for any course, any bundle, or the lifetime partner membership, that partner earns a 50% affiliate commission as my thank you for helping make the sale! Each new partner not buying specifically through an affiliate link also has the option to give that 50% commission to any existing partner for any reason at any time!

  • RESTEEMS ON STEEM! Once every week partners can request a resteem on any Steem post which is then shared with the largest real following on Steem!

  • LIVE EVENTS FREE FOREVER! Instead of hosting events and selling tickets, partners enjoy free access to every event I make for life!

  • LOW INTEREST LOANS! Lend and borrow among members for as low as 3% interest based completely on relationships and accountability to each other!

  • ACCESS TO ALL MY HD VIDEO COURSES! Enroll in all of my video courses at no additional cost as partner!

  • UPLOAD VIDEOS TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Promote your video courses, shows, and tutorials with free previews on my YouTube channel which I will add an intro to and upload to hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of potential viewers!

  • VIDEO REVIEW OF YOUR COURSE, PRODUCT, OR WEBSITE! Every new partner gets one free credit for me to do a video review of your course, channel, website, or whatever you are most passionate about which will be uploaded as a video to my YouTube channel and transcribed into a post on my blog to help everyone following me get to know you!

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