$500 A Week Gaming and Editing Videos?

Will you take this course today because you will love learning how to monetize those thousands of hours you have spent gaming and applying for my $500 a week video editing job?

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    Welcome to Monetizing Gaming and Video Editing Skills!
    • Welcome to $500 A Week Gaming and Editing Videos!
    • How to use $500 A Week Gaming and Editing Videos!
    • What qualifies me to teach $500 a week editing gaming videos?
    • Where to apply for the video editing job with me?
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    Video Editing Skills Helpful for Making Viral Gaming Videos!
    • Start with the creative vision and imagining the viewer enjoying the video!
    • 3 basic video length formats to maximize viewers.
    • Ideas for names and types of gaming videos to make.
    • Workflow between creator and editor.
    • Fast hardware means more high quality videos in less time!
    • Final Cut Pro X and Camtasia for editing.
    • Dropbox for syncing video files.
    • How to edit the best parts from long videos.
    • Creative Title + Honest Thumbnail + Helpful Description = Chance for a Viral Video!
    • Increase video views on YouTube and clicks off of Facebook in the description.
    • Where to learn more and get help?
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    Gaming and Live Streaming Success Strategies!
    • Everything in my personal life impacts the quality and potential of my videos.
    • Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch? Where to Stream in 2018 and Beyond?
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    Apply to Earn $500 a Week Editing My Gaming Videos!
    • The big purpose we are working for!
    • Job details including how we calculate pay.
    • Produce a YouTube playlist of $500 worth of work!
    • Where to download the video files for editing?
    • Gaming videos available for use in Dropbox!
    • How to apply to earn $500 a week as a CONTRACTOR editing my videos!
    • James Brooks got hired by completing this course!
    • Submit Your Application Here!
    • Where do we go from here?

Will you please take the course today because you will love learning how to earn more money with your video gaming skills?

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