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What My Clients Have To Say...

Auret is a godsend for anyone who creates content and teaches or coaches for a living. She acutely understands the value of having learning materials that are functional and beautiful to enhance the learning experience. Auret has designed learning assets for me for two completely different online programs. I always get compliments on how beautiful the handouts and fillable forms are, and my students love that everything feels professional and part of a complete learning experience. Having Auret and Essetino Artists on my team is one of the best investments I made in my business. She does what she's good at and frees me up to focus on what I'm good at - teaching and coaching.

Marie Deveaux | Business Coach & Speaker at High Tides Consulting

I needed to stand out from the crowd, and not blend in. Most graphic artists presented their experience working with other professionals in the same space as me. That was the problem, their portfolios all looked the same. It was a huge relief when I met Auret of Essetino Artists. The work she did on my educational forms communicated in illustration what I could not put into words. Best of all, I stood out from my competition. Her skill set carried over to the thumbnails she designed for my YouTube channel. If you do not want to be original, or stand out from your competition, do not use Auret. BUT, if you believe you have a unique voice, with a different value proposition, contact Auret before anyone else.

Mike Templeton | President at Institute of Leadership and Strategy Advisors

Pricing List

PLEASE READ FIRST: I price per project, not per hour and I offer UNLIMITED revisions on all my work until you're 110% happy with the end product. Below is a non-extensive price list of a variety of basic design services and turnaround times, to give you an idea.

$35: 1 social media graphic (post, profile or banner image for facebook/youtube/instagram) OR a course thumbnail graphic in whatever file format you need
(2 day turnaround)

$45: 1 page printable course worksheet or lead magnet. Includes full design of your PDF plus editable file.
(3 day turnaround)

$65: 1 page electronically fillable course worksheet or lead magnet(PDF). Includes full design + creation of type-able fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, etc.
(3 day turnaround)

$75: 1 logo (up to 2 versions) with source file (PSD) and in any other file formats you want.
(5-7 day turnaround)

$250: 5 page media kit / speakers kit / press kit in PDF. Editable file included. You must provide all images and text (I can also help with finding you high quality royalty free images at an extra charge).
(7 day turnaround)

  • $1,000.00

    Have a wackload of custom design work that needs to be done? Hire me for $1000 credit and let me take it all off your plate. You'll be one of my priority customers.

    See list to the left to get an idea of pricing.

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  • $500.00

    $500 of Design Credit

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  • $250.00

    $250 of Design Credit

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How we keep track of each project and credit used to date:

Take a look at this example tracker for design work I did with Jerry Banfield:

When we work together, I'll send you a link to a shared Airtable spreadsheet, like the one you see above. In this spreadsheet, you will see the name, status (i.e. not started/in revision/completed), due date and total cost of each project. At the very bottom of the cost column will be a total amount spent, so you can always see how much of the credit you've used at any given time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens after I click the GET STARTED NOW button?

    When you move forward with investing in a design credit package above, you'll be taken to view a thank you video where I outline the next steps. I will message you within 24hrs to request the details of your design project(s) and will also send you a link to a shared Airtable spreadsheet so we can get started right away!

  • Why do you only have few price options of $1000, $500 and $250?

    I used to work on Fiverr (a popular online freelance platform) and served thousands of orders there, working with ALL different types of clients. I quickly saw the value in serving a smaller number of the very best clients who can afford to spend at least $250 (instead of serving a high number of clients with many low cost projects). This not only makes it easier for you as my client in terms of project management and delegating (one payment + easy tracking system = many projects completed and off your plate!), but it also gives me the flexibilty to serve you with excellence: constant communication, quality work and fast delivery. :)

  • What if I don't have $1000 worth of design work right now? Does the credit expire?

    Nope! Your credit NEVER expires and every project (including cost) is tracked on a shared spreadsheet so you can always see how much you've used at any given time.

  • What format does the source file come in?
    Will I be able to edit it?

    If I'm creating any type of PDF document for you, I typically design everything in Powerpoint - so you will get a .ppt or .pptx file. Although 'unconventional', I do this on purpose so that my clients can easily make any future changes on their own - no design skills required - without needing access to software like Adobe InDesign. If it's something like business cards, social media graphics, etc., I'll typically design these in Photoshop (although I have designed them in Powerpoint as well, for those who want to be able to edit it after).

  • What else can you design?

    Aside from the design work you've seen in my video like worksheets, forms, social media graphics, invitations, postcards, flyers, business cards, speaker sheets/kits, media kits, press kits, product line sheets, workbooks, etc. I can also assist with branding guides, website makeovers and course landing page design. Template design is a common request. I have also acted as creative director in promotional video production, designing the overall vision, obtaining assets and hiring the team. I just love being creative in variety of different ways :)

  • What happens if I need more than $1000 worth of design work, how does payment work for that?

    You can request additional credits via invoices or Paypal after the initial $1000 credit is finished!

I've worked with Auret on several projects over the last several months. Auret has been a godsend to me and my business. She is professional, reliable, and meticulous. She communicates clearly and her desire to provide high quality service is evident. She goes above and beyond in all her services! Thank you Auret! 

Jenny Hoskins | Pediatric Speech Therapist & Author at The Peaceful Parenting Method

Let's Get Those Design Projects DONE... they can start to impact the world the way they're meant to.