Course curriculum

  • 1
    Facebook Marketing Basics 2019
    • My Experience with Facebook Marketing
    • Facebook marketing basics explained from profiles to groups and pages
    • #1 Facebook marketing strategy forever?
    • Best free Facebook marketing strategy to build new relationships without having a group or page?
  • 2
    Facebook Groups 2019
    • Facebook group case studies of success and failure
    • Managing our Facebook group memberships and considering the need for a new group
    • Facebook group creation, url setting, and posting permission tutorial
    • Fast Facebook group cover photo creation at 1604 x 856 pixels with canva in 2019
    • Creating rules for Facebook groups and managing moderation to limit self promotion and conflict
    • Create events in Facebook groups for weekly voice calls to build relationships

What Does This Course Include?

  • Lifetime access to nearly 2 hours of video showing the best of what works for me on Facebook to do my marketing plus updates throughout 2019!

  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee! You will LOVE this course or we will give you a full refund!

  • Access to our Facebook group and Discord server for answers to questions!

Facebook Marketing 2019!

Discover what really works for me with 2.2 million followers and how you can apply my experience to what you are doing today!

Course Description!

Facebook marketing in 2019 remaining one of the best opportunities to build relationships and a business online!  Where do we start?  What strategies really work?  What to avoid?  When to start a Facebook group?  How to keep an engaged following online?  Who can do Facebook marketing well in 2019?  What does it really take to succeed?  We answer these questions and many more in our class with the most up to date tutorials ranging from the very basics of great Facebook marketing in sending messages on messenger to advanced strategies like live streaming, affiliate marketing, and hiring a video editor to help with producing videos every day!