Welcome to Facebook Ads and Marketing in 2017 + 2018!

I reach 200,000+ people for free on Facebook every week because of practicing what I teach in this course!

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    Welcome to Facebook Ads and Marketing in 2017!
    • Thank you for enrolling! How is the class setup for your maximum return
    • Best Facebook marketing strategy for 2017
  • 2
    The Power of Facebook Groups and Pages!
    • Best Easy Facebook marketing strategy for 2017
    • Best Facebook messaging strategy for 2017
    • Within 5 minutes, positive replies come back
    • The best Facebook marketing happens with my profile
    • Facebook groups are powerful for networking and learning
  • 3
    Marketing on Facebook with Pages!
    • What works best for marketing with Facebook pages
    • Facebook page insights tutorial
    • Facebook page post creation tutorial
    • Facebook page profile picture and cover photo creation
    • Graphic design tutorial with canva for the Facebook page cover photo picture
  • 4
    Easy Facebook Advertising Success Formula!
    • Start learning about Facebook ads here
    • The Best Facebook Ad I Ever Created on 10,000 Tested
    • Scaling up the best Facebook ad I ever created
    • How I analyze and improve my ads over time
    • Getting a Facebook ad mainstream and expanding targeting
    • Making an ideal offer for Facebook ads
    • Facebook ads tutorial from August 2016
    • Facebook ads power editor tutorial
    • Boosting a post with a page post engagement ad
  • 5
    Surprising Strategies and Questions about Facebook Ads!
    • Why I took a month off of advertising on Facebook
    • The benefits of taking a break from Facebook ads
    • The best I can do is make a business I would enjoy working with as a customer
    • 7.2 million views on my most viral video on Facebook
    • Give and take on Facebook
    • Live questions and answers about Facebook, YouTube, and working online
  • 6
    Facebook Ads and Marketing 2016
    • Start listening to my Facebook marketing and advertising audio lectures here
    • Starting with why!
    • Understand how you act as a user and you will see what you can do as a giver!
    • All feedback received is helpful!
    • What works on you might work on others!
    • What is working the very best today for me on Facebook?
    • Lipstick on a pig!
    • Case study with a shop owner.
    • What is the most powerful way to use Facebook for getting organic reach?
    • Video is the most powerful form of communication online today.
    • How to make magnificent videos on Facebook!
    • The power of producing videos daily!
    • How easy is it to start making videos on Facebook?
    • Branding on Facebook
    • The importance of knowing exactly who the potential client is.
    • Personal Facebook profiles have amazing power!
    • My personal profile helped me start and grow my business first.
    • Working at the right pace.
    • How to know if I am working on the right pace!
    • Facebook groups are the easiest way to reach the newsfeed.
    • Facebook groups help make personal connections and are great for learning!
    • Facebook pages and advertising explained.
    • Your first Facebook page likes should be friends and family.
    • My ideal Facebook marketing and advertising strategy.
    • Daily progress rather than perfection!
    • Alternatives to making videos.
    • The best tips and tricks I know for Facebook.

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    ahmed kamal

    Hello Jerry, I myself am a high school teacher here in Lahore Pakistan and have my professional teaching experience in the subjects like English Language an...

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    Hello Jerry, I myself am a high school teacher here in Lahore Pakistan and have my professional teaching experience in the subjects like English Language and Literature, Organic Chemistry, Homeopathic Medicine and Philosophy, Educational Philosophy Basic Computer Science and a few others too. I think you have some spiritual power helping you to make all the teaching stuff you make because as soon as I taking this course I developed a very deep interest in you. You have a tremendous speech power. I would like to take all of your coursing one by one learn from them. Also guide me a your pupil to make some courses on the subjects I know. Thanks and regards, Ahmed Kamal

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