Master Facebook Live Gaming at Course Curriculum!

  • 1
    Start Gaming on Facebook at FB.GG Today!
    • Facebook gaming live from beginner to advanced in this course!
    • How much can we make streaming games on Facebook?
    • Facebook gaming streamer dashboard!
    • Level up program basics and FAQ
    • What game to play?
  • 2
    Live Streaming Studio Equipment and Software Setup!
    • Live streaming equipment and software!
    • Best live streaming studio setup for gaming on Facebook with!
    • Watch streams to learn the user experience and connect.
    • OBS Facebook Live Gaming Alerts Setup.
    • OBS Scene, source, camera, and audio setup including limiting.
    • Heart Rate Monitor Setup for Live Streaming with OBS on Facebook Gaming
  • 3
    Vertical Streams on Facebook are Great for Growth!
    • Go Vertical to maximize discovery and views
    • Go Vertical on Facebook Gaming for 3x Views and Followers
    • Vertical stream setup in OBS
  • 4
    Go Viral!
    • Facebook Gaming Growth is Easier When Streaming an Hour a Day
    • Go Viral on Facebook Gaming Live Streams Interacting with Shares and Comments
    • Facebook stars viral game footage.
    • Schedule live streams with events to help viewers plan ahead.
    • Title, description, and tags
    • Record highlight videos and spotlight them on the gaming creator page to convert new viewers
    • Videos 3+ minutes can earn revenue and go viral!
    • Facebook page insights and getting through the dip after a viral stream!
    • Automatic Discord notifications from Facebook live gaming via level up streamer!
    • Respond to messages to convert more viewers to top fans!
  • 5
    Earning Money as a New Streamer!
    • Facebook stars are donations and provide great earning potential!
    • Unlocking supporters with fan subscriptions provides monthly payments!
    • Stay Monetized on Facebook Gaming and Creator Studio by Following Community and Monetization Guidelines
    • Achieving Facebook live gaming partner and managed creator status!
    • Sharing and donating to others helps us!
    • Join Level Up Gaming Creators Facebook group to enhance learning.
    • 5 ways to make money gaming on Facebook live
    • #1 way to make money online as a live streamer
    • Best ways for streamers to earn money online with a website
    • Streamlabs processes donations instantly and has awesome alerts
    • A mentor is invaluable for success streaming on Facebook
    • You have got this! What next?

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