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Starting your own on demand video course business is easier than every with a Uthena franchise which gives you the #1 resource you need to make your own Udemy in video courses on development and other high demand skills!

Course Hosting?

You need somewhere to upload and host the video courses in order to make the business!  You can choose Teachable or Thinkific.  I recommend Thinkific at because you will feel good helping me earn as an affiliate based on my experience trying both Teachable and Thinkific for at least a year each with my courses.

Email marketing?

Once you have the video course hosting, you then need a scalable email marketing platform where you can setup automation and campaigns to make additional sales that keep students coming back!  My choice for this is ActiveCampaign because the cost is reasonable to get started and scales smoothly with the business as it grows without providing a bunch of unnecessary features at a higher cost.  When you want to use ActiveCampaign, will you please signup at because you will love knowing I get 20% of the costs you pay indefinitely and love using ActiveCampaign as much as I do? 


With the email marketing and course hosting in place, all you need now are the video courses to upload and sell!  Fortunately, I have this same need with and intend to invest over $100,000 in 2019 in hiring freelancers to produce in demand video classes for me that I then have copyright to.  As soon as I publish the course on Uthena, I then add those videos to my library of 3000+ existing videos for Uthena franchise owners at to use for your own platform!  As we can see with StackSkills, the exact same courses that are on Udemy are worth millions of dollars in sales also on StackSkills.

What Does Your Uthena Franchise Include?

  • 3,000+ videos for 80+ ready to go online courses that have already made over 2 million dollars in sales!

  • $100,000+ budget in 2019 for new video courses that will be added to your franchise library empowering you to launch brand new in demand courses!

  • Lifetime access to our Uthena partner group which includes a Facebook group and discord server for answers to questions and collaboration!

  • Ten 1 on 1 coaching calls with Uthena founder Jerry Banfield to get guidance on making your franchise successful!

  • A video course showing how the entire Uthena business system works that you can use entirely on your own domain or in parts to make a custom solution!

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