Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Day 1
    • What value do you get immediately out of starting this 21 day program?
    • Being a genius starts with letting go of every idea you have about your limits.
    • Today practice having an open mind about what your mental abilities really are.
  • 2
    Day 2
    • The connection between genius and original thought. Where are original thoughts?
    • How I have original thoughts and how you can too!
    • Today look for a space in your thoughts where for a moment there is nothing.
  • 3
    Day 3
    • In a world of talking, being a great listener will allow you to amaze people.
    • How can you and I be a great listener today?
    • Today practice being a great listener and find the best listener in your life!
  • 4
    Day 4
    • A genius can make a hollywood movie in their sleep and you already do it!
    • How to bring the same creative genius you have in your dreams into every day.
    • Today reflect on a few of the dreams you have had and prepare your workshop.
  • 5
    Day 5
    • Einstein was big on the role to gratitude in the creation of his work.
    • How I found gratitude in my life and how it allows me to reach my full potential
  • 6
    Day 6
    • The biggest obstacle to being a genius is having a closed mind.
    • Opening my mind has been the single most helpful step I have taken.
    • Today find the opening in your life into love, acceptance, and an open mind.
  • 7
    Day 7
    • How does prayer help me and why does it work no matter what you believe?
    • What has prayer done in my life? Praying has saved my life.
    • Today try praying for direction in your life and to be of service to others.
  • 8
    Day 8
    • How does purity relate to being a genius and what is purity?
    • What I did to restore my purity and what I do to maintain it each day.
    • Today look for the purity in your life. Be aware of help available to restore it
  • 9
    Day 9
    • How is patience a core value of genius and what does that look like?
    • What can you do to find and practice patience in your life? How do I do it?
    • Today look for one opportunity to be patient with yourself and with life.
  • 10
    Day 10
    • You have everything you need already to be a genius.
    • How can you and I see that everything we need is already here?
    • Today see the depth and opportunity in what you already have.
  • 11
    Day 11
    • The illusion of separation.
    • I will show you the illusion now.
    • Today try to define yourself as a separate being from the world.
  • 12
    Day 12.
    • Taking a day off is normal in life until you get to do what you love every day
    • Taking a day off each week has been one of my big challenges
    • Today find a day within a week you can totally take off from your passion.
  • 13
    Day 13
    • There is no substitute for getting enough good sleep
    • How I am able to fall asleep easily now after a lifetime of struggle
    • Today try going to bed a little earlier and noticing your sleeping habits.
  • 14
    Day 14
    • Variety is the spice of life and your inner genius
    • Accepting change and playing with variety helps you learn
    • Today find a new way to accept change and embrace variety in your life.
  • 15
    Day 15
    • Why could I always put my dog on a diet when they were overweight but not do the same for myself
    • How I realized I was living a do as I say not as I do life and changed it.
    • Today try finding one situation where you can live by example.
  • 16
    Day 16
    • See the yes or no choice you are making right now
    • How the yes or no choice looks in my life at different times.
    • Today find the choice you are making about saying yes or no to life.
  • 17
    Day 17
    • What is the future? What is it like to finally arrive there?
    • Know the idea that you have to be somewhere or find something in the future.
    • Today notice when you are in a hurry to get to the future and slow down.
  • 18
    Day 18
    • What do you think is supposed to happen? What do you expect?
    • How to turn expectations in gratitude.
    • Today look for a place where you are expecting something and change to gratitude
  • 19
    Day 19
    • Accepting the past and using it to bring gratitude into now.
    • How I dropped the burden of my past and started learning from it.
    • Today see how your past burdens you. See where it helps you. Find who you are.
  • 20
    Day 20
    • Meditation opens the space where inner genius lives.
    • How I meditate today with very little effort and use meditation to keep space.
    • Today take a few extra deep breaths and think of meditation when in pain.
  • 21
    Day 21
    • The surprising power of allowing and accepting uncertainty.
    • How I went from hating uncertainty to accepting and loving it each day.
    • Today accept the uncertainty in your life about the past and future.