Course description

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free Photoshop like graphic design software program that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Well then, why isn't everyone using it?

Even with access to GNU tutorials and YouTube videos the GIMP is still a hard program to learn.

Until now...

Welcome to the most comprehensive single GIMP course available today:

GIMP Beginner to Advanced: Complete Project Based Training

In this course, which is over 10 hours in length, I'll take you all the way from installing the GIMP and configuring it to run on Windows to producing banners, book covers and memes that you'll display using Facebook and other social media, Wordpress and HTML. I'll even show you photo touch up. In fact, I'll show you everything I know in the natural order in which you should learn it.

So, what makes this GIMP course special?

I'll tell you what...

This course is composed of 13 sections, each addressing a different topic and each averaging 30 minutes in length.

Each section presents one or more small projects that should be completed to demonstrate your proficiency with the material just covered before moving on.

And these aren't bogus projects either. They actually produce usable results.

I ask you, can you afford just 30 minutes a day for under 2 weeks to learn the fundamentals of the most powerful free graphics program in the world? (Sorry, I got carried away -- I don't actually know if that's true ;-).

If you do, then enroll in this course and let's get started.

If not...

Watch me create an incredible looking 3D pool table and balls then take the reins and do it yourself.

Produce professional looking book covers with ease.

Distribute memes and other social media graphics on Facebook and 7 other social media sites.

Learn to use HTML from within Wordpress to produce graphics effects attainable only through HTML and CSS.

Learn photo touch up using the GIMP.

All this knowledge and much more is at your finger tips.

And the course is still growing. I recently added a new section entitled:

Digital Drawing and Painting with a Wacom Tablet

So, what do you say?

This course was originally released as a series of 13 short classes on another online video learning platform. There is some redundancy in the course which should be skipped during viewing.

This course was guided by the contents of my previous 4 GIMP courses. Both learning routes remain viable but I personally prefer this newer, segmented and project focused approach to learning the GIMP.

Installing and configuring the GIMP on Windows is the only Windows specific lecture, all the rest should apply to all platforms (though I do demonstrate using the GIMP on Windows 10).

P.S. Don't forget the 100% money back guaranty if you return a course within 30 days.

Enough jabbering, I'll see you in the classroom,


What Students Will Learn:

  • Install and run the GIMP
  • Make logos, web graphics and screen shots
  • Create 2D and 3D book covers
  • Make memes and distribute them on Facebook
  • Produce graphics appropriate for use on the 8 major social media websites
  • Use Wordpress with HTML to display web graphics
  • Use the GIMP to touch up your photos


  • You'll need a computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux to install and use the GIMP
  • You'll need a functioning browser to download the GIMP and to access images, fonts and other resources.

Target Students:

  • Anyone on a budget with a need to produce graphics
  • Authors in need of free book covers
  • Bloggers, Facebook posters and web site administrators

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Install and Use the GIMP to Create Logos and Graphics

    • Section Introduction

    • GIMP Installation and Configuration

    • How to Reconstruct the Standard GIMP 3 Window Layout

    • Starting, Stopping and GIMP Windows

    • Creating Logos

    • Creating Web Graphics

    • Screen Shot, Crop, Resize, Save and Export

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 3

    Selection and Layers with a Pool Table and Balls

    • Section Introduction

    • Pool Table: Selection, Fill and Blur

    • Pool Ball: Gradient

    • Shadow: Rotate and Layer Mask

    • Pool Balls 1: Table and Colored Ball

    • Pool Balls 2: Ball Number and Shadow

    • Pool Balls 3: Another Ball

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 4

    More Selection and Layers with a Colored Butterfly

    • Section Introduction

    • Colored Butterfly - Free Selection and Layers

    • Cowboy Christmas - Blend

    • Transparent Logos - Color Selection

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 5

    GIMP Text to Create Stunning Text Effects

    • Section Introduction

    • Text Font, Color and Size

    • Using Fancy Internet Fonts

    • Text with Colored Boxes

    • Text and Box Drop Shadows

    • Outlining with Text Paths

    • Text Toolbox Effects

    • Text Effects

    • Text in Layer Masks

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 6

    Recreate "The Last Divine" Book Cover

    • Recreate "The Last Divine" Part 1

    • Recreate "The Last Divine" Part 2

    • Recreate "The Last Divine" Part 3

    • Recreate "The Last Divine" Part 4

    • Recreate "The Last Divine" Part 5

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 7

    Make a Simple Book Cover for Free

    • Section Introduction

    • Book Cover Size

    • Create a White Book Cover

    • Scale and Crop Image

    • Free and Pay For Images

    • Add Text

    • Add Colored Boxes

    • Make Your Text Pop

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 8

    Make a 3D Book Cover for Free

    • Section Introduction

    • Work Area and 2D Cover

    • Create a Cover Reflection

    • Bend the Cover

    • Create a Spine

    • Cant the Spine Into Place

    • Add the Pages

    • Add a Shadow

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 9

    GIMP Tips, Tricks and Techniques

    • Section Introduction

    • Circular Text

    • Text Along a Path

    • Layer Groups

    • Reflection and Water Effects

    • Clone Tool

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 10

    Social Media Graphics with Facebook

    • Section Introduction

    • Create a Facebook Profile Picture

    • Create a Facebook Banner

    • Create a Facebook Meme

    • Making Text Pop

    • Free and Pay for Images

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 11

    More Tips, Tricks and Techniques

    • Section Introduction

    • Undo, Redo and Undo History

    • Selection Addition and Subtraction

    • Colored Boxes with Gradients

    • Deconstructing Logos

    • Bump Maps Using Images

    • Bump Maps Using Text

    • Colorizing a Layer

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 12

    Photo Manipulation, Enhancement, Touch Up and Correction

    • Section Introduction

    • Photo Manipulation Basics

    • Removing Redeye

    • Remove Blemishes and Scenery

    • Add Image Effects

    • Adjust Colors and Brightness

    • Export Your Work

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 13

    Display GIMP Web Graphics Using Wordpress

    • Section Introduction

    • GIMP Image Preparation

    • GIMP Wordpress Banner Image

    • GIMP Wordpress Image Post

    • Wordpress Text Editor Mode

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 14

    Display GIMP Web Graphics Using Wordpress & HTML

    • Section Introduction

    • An Overview of HTML

    • An Overview of CSS

    • HTML Image Tag and Wordpress

    • Graphical Horizontal Rules

    • Overlapping Images with the Div Tag

    • Image Maps

    • Graphical Button State Animation

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 15

    Using a Wacom Drawing Tablet with the GIMP

    • Section Introduction

    • A Brief Look at Wacom Tablets

    • Wacom Tablet Installation

    • Wacom Tablet Configuration

    • Drawing and Painting in the GIMP with a Wacom Tablet

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 16

    Drawing and Painting Sessions in the GIMP

    • Section Introduction

    • Freehand Drawing of a Seashore Scene

    • Perspective Drawing of a Building

  • 17

    Single Window, Themes and GIMP Extensions

    • Section Introduction

    • GIMP Single Window Configuration

    • GIMP Standard Themes

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 18

    GIMP Drawing with a Surface Pro 4 Based Tablet

    • Section Introduction

    • How to Draw Cheaply and Digitally

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 19

    GIMP Drawing Using 3D Perspective

    • Section Introduction

    • What is Drawing Using 3D Perspective?

    • How to Draw Lines in the GIMP

    • Drawing without Perspective

    • Drawing in Single Point Perspective

    • Drawing in Two Point Perspective

    • Drawing in Three Point Perspective

    • Using the Perspective Tool to Conform Flat Shapes

    • Section Project

    • Section Conclusion

  • 20

    Guide to GIMP Filters

    • Introduction to GIMP Filters

    • Blurs

  • 21

    Question and Answer

    • Section Introduction

    • Side-by-side Pictures Using a GIMP Blend

    • Merged Pictures Using Insets

    • Leave the Porch Light On - A Layer Mask Gradient

    • Seven Sentences to Glory - Layers and Layer Masks

    • Create a Udemy Course Card in the GIMP (Part 1)

    • Create a Udemy Course Card in the GIMP (Part 2)

  • 22


    • What Now?

Meet your instructor!

Brian Jackson
Author, Publisher and Educator

I was born the middle of the last century in Los Angeles, California.  

After moving for a time to the Silicon Valley, I graduated from Humboldt State University amid the redwoods of Northern California.

Two weeks after graduation I was working as a computer systems programmer for Lockheed Missiles and Space (LMSC) back in the Silicon Valley.  Two months after that and I was married as I have been happily  ever since (for 38 years).

After 14 years at Lockheed I moved from working on IBM mainframes to using PCs running the Unix operating system and encountered a thing called the Internet.  Cisco Systems seemed to be the right place to work, so I joined the company as their 650th employee.  Eleven years later Cisco had grown to over 20,000 employees.

I retired at the age of 48 and instantly became bored!

Throughout my professional career I'd always enjoyed both writing and providing technical training.  So, I attended creative writing classes at my local junior college and began to write.

I managed to write and self-publish a handful of books, but things didn't take off until my wife, Melanie Jackson, an established author with a New York company, left traditional publishing to join me in self-publishing.

In 8 years, from 2010 to now, Melanie and I have made half-a-million dollars self-publishing well over 100 books.  I also managed to record a pair of audiobooks for Amazon and Audible sale.

By 2014, our rapid rise to Kindle fame had already dwindled.  I decided to pursue my second passion of giving training presentations.

Since 2014 I've published over 40+ online video training courses for training sites such as Udemy and SkillShare. My goal is to provide low cost high quality screen cast based educational material focusing on my areas of expertise; namely, self-publishing and book cover design using the GIMP.  I continue to expand my video training catalog while focusing some energy on resurrecting our flagging book sales using various marketing techniques.  Finally, I spend a portion of my time maintaining both my website and my wife’s website, which was developed using WordPress.

I currently live in the beautiful California wine country with my lovely wife and Butterscotch the cat.

I'll see you in the classroom,


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