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Welcome to “ Learn Digital Marketing - Google AdWords - Google Ads - 2019” Course.” 

I know you’re excited to learn this course because everyone including Marketing Professionals, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers want to either learn for freelancing or digital marketing or to advertise their business, product or service.

Nowadays,  you can’t sell a product if you do not advertise it . You will ask Why?  Because only advertising or you can say digital advertising is one way by which you can catch population’s eye on your Product and Business.

Every single day there are billions of users who were active on Google, Youtube and other similar platforms. Now, Imagine if your product or business was seen by some millions or even thousands. Then, You’re Done. Because now your sales were going to get 10x not double and your Goodwill in market attracts more customers.

For Freelancers, As Digital Marketing is going popular day by day, there are thousands of works are available on Internet. It will help you in some or the other way in the future.

We are going to make awesome Ads that’ll help you. If you want to do all this,


You’ll also get :

Lifetime access to this Course Certificate of Completion

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Do take the course and get ready to learn great stuff and earn handsome amount of money through different ways.

Target Audience :

  1. Marketing Professionals, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers wanted to get high traffic on their website or on Product Landing Page
  2. Anybody wanted to run Campaigns for clients or for Companies
  3. If Anybody is having any product or service that he/she want to promote and advertise online then this course is Best
  4. Anybody wanted to increase their sales and revenue of his/her through their Website


  1. For this online course, you will need only a computer
  2. Internet Access
  3. No experience required - just follow the steps to get the results!

What Students able to do after course:

  1. Effective Keyword Research to find the Best Keyword that suits your Business Exactly
  2. Writing Best search Ads to get Maximum Clicks and Conversions on your website
  3. Difference between different types of Ads - Search/Display/Video
  4. Increase Sales of your Business and Get Traffic to Website
  5. Easily Advertise Your own Products And Services Online on YouTube and Google
  6. Running a Google AdWords Campaign that captures high-quality leads for your business and website
  7. Measuring Analytics and Improve your Business
  8. Audit a new Google Ads account and find issues to improve

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Types of Ad

    • Different Ad Type Explained

  • 3

    Getting Started with Google AdWords 2019

    • Sign up Process and Picking Ad Goal

    • Choosing the Business or Creating new

    • Where are Your Customers?

  • 4

    Business Product Category and Keyword Research

    • Business Product or Service

    • Finding Keyword that Suits your Business Exactly

  • 5

    Studying various Ad and Writing Own Ad

  • 6

    Reviewing Ad, Payment Information and Budget Settings

    • Ad Budget and Potential Audience Size

    • Reviewing Campaign Settings

    • Publishing #1 Ad and Final Touch

  • 7

    #2 Ad! Quick! Fast! Bonus!

    • #2 Ad! All Steps! Quick!

Meet your instructor!

Divyansh Agarwal
Actions on Google Developer | Digital Marketing - SEO

From my childhood, I have got a great interest in building apps, learning programming languages and Digital Marketing. I'm always eager to know how to make programs, how to deal with new programming problems and how to grow business online.

Turning out my present achievements and opportunities into a transforming career has given me a great experience in building online visibility of the business on Google through Google My Business and Google Adwords, building high-quality apps for Google Assistant, web development, programming, and teaching students on several E-Learning platforms across the world.

From my apps that I've published, I've hit two milestones on Google and achieved other great awards. In my teaching experience, I've taught 3000+ students globally online on various platforms. I'm a Google Analytics and Google AdWords Certified.

I had also showcased my brand logo at Google i/o 2018, held at Googleplex, Mountain View, California.

I'm an active open source contributor and never miss any opportunity to take part in contests like Google Code to Learn, Google Code-in and Google HashCode. I'd contributed to Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education (AOSSIE).

I'd also been selected as a Grand Prize Winner of Google Code-in contest 2019 amongst thousands of students internationally for my excellent work in the AOSSIE organization. As a winner, Google sponsored 4 days paid trip to me with my one parent at Google's Headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA.

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"Learn Digital Marketing - Google AdWords - Google Ads - 2019"