The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced!

  • 1
    Join me on a journey starting from a new AdWords account to an amazing ROI!
    • Basic Google AdWords terms such as CTR, Impressions, CPC, and Conversions.
    • Google AdWords campaign settings, bids, and locations.
    • Types of keywords and understanding your keyword quality score in Google AdWords.
    • A trustworthy landing page is critical for conversions and high keyword score.
    • Sometimes you can get lucky and make a great campaign with little effort.
  • 2
    Start from 0 with me on faith!
    • Usually it takes faith and consistent effort to get great results.
    • Getting started with faith and a commitment to working in Google AdWords.
  • 3
    Conversions are critical for success!
    • Conversions are all that matter in Google AdWords. Ignore all other data!
    • Preparing for conversion tracking setup in Google AdWords.
    • Go to tools and complete your conversion tracking setup in Google AdWords.
    • How to immediately confirm your Google AdWords conversion tracking is setup properly.
  • 4
    Combine with Google analytics for remarketing.
    • Setting up conversion tracking with Google Analytics is even better!
    • How to add Google analytics tracking for deeper Google AdWords data.
  • 5
    Creating my first campaign in my new Google AdWords account.
    • Keep the first campaign short and simple while you wait for approval.
    • Day 2 Reviewing initial campaign and copying into a new campaign.
    • Keyword research to expand an existing campaign with new ad sets.
  • 6
    Display network campaign creation.
    • How to quickly make display adwords campaigns using search ads
    • Testing trademark and limited approval ads on a new product.
  • 7
    Review initial results, improving landing pages, and copying ads.
    • Day three reviewing the first 5 campaigns and thinking about my pricing.
    • How to quickly try a new landing page in Google AdWords and copy ad groups.
    • Quickly copying campaigns and split testing countries in Google AdWords.
    • Google AdWords keyword research and fast new campaign creation on best offer.
  • 8
    First conversions tracked!
    • First conversions tracked in Google AdWords with a free offer.
    • Choosing which Google AdWords campaigns to pause and save money.
    • Google AdWords is challenging because you have to wait for enough data.
    • Adding keywords to a campaign now getting impressions and expanding to display.
  • 9
    After 5 days, I am optimizing Google AdWords campaigns.
    • Day 5 pausing campaigns not converting and preparing for new sales.
    • Upgrading free campaigns with conversions to new sales ad groups.
    • Having patience waiting for Google AdWords to confirm or eliminate new sales campaigns.
    • Conversion data ad schedule, mobile device bid adjustment, and appreciating success.
  • 10
    Competitive keywords and giant opportunities.
    • Launching a new product with expensive keywords.
    • Creating ads on a trademarked keyword requiring AdWords specialist approval.
    • How to make Google AdWords campaigns on giant search terms.
    • What to do when your conversions are not matching your actual sales.
  • 11
    Scaling up.
    • How to start scaling up Google AdWords campaigns with conversions.
    • Making new ads based on what is converting, copying the ads, and adding negative keywords.
    • Google AdWords advanced settings missing solution and optimizing by location.
    • Google AdWords for conversions review with negative keywords, copying ads, and location targeting.
    • Watch as I discover live the reason my Google AdWords conversions are higher than sales.
  • 12
    Ongoing challenges with conversions and approval.
    • What to do when your Google AdWords conversions are different from your sales.
    • How to handle Google AdWords errors for trademark requirements.
    • Using organic search traffic and another keyword tool to add negative keywords.
    • Google AdWords conversions showing in different products than advertised.
  • 13
    First positive ROI!
    • Making a better landing page produces my first proven positive ROI in Google AdWords!
    • How to use location reports to exclude places where ads are not converting.
    • Changing keyword match type to exact match and excluding search partners.
  • 14
    Optimizing the budget and bidding.
    • Raising the daily budget and eliminating countries with high cost conversions.
    • Lowering bids where sales are more expensive and checking the ad schedule.
    • What to do when your cost per conversion suddenly spikes.
    • Using the Google AdWords bid and budget simulator to make campaign changes.
    • Success with lowering conversions and CPC means I now sit and wait!
    • When you finally get a perfect solution, let it run without interference!
    • With two months of good data, now I can go deeper for a lower ongoing cost per conversion.
  • 15
    Beginning Remarketing with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
    • Overview of correctly setup remarketing in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.
    • Creating a new Google Analytics property and installing tracking code.
    • Linking your AdWords account and starting remarketing.
  • 16
    Display network ads with remarketing.
    • Google adwords creating an ad group for remarketing with display audiences.
    • Google AdWords fast display ad creation quickly going from 1 ad to 48 ads in an ad set.
    • Google AdWords copying ad display ad campaigns to split by country.
    • Google adwords display campaigns to similar users.
    • Using Google analytics to optimize Google AdWords marketing and display ads.
  • 17
    Google AdWords for video which is YouTube advertising.
    • Google Adwords for video why use it and how I use it today.
    • How to quickly make a $0.01 cost per view advertising campaign.
    • Using Google remarketing audiences to find similar users.
    • How to make remarketing ads with Google AdWords for video.
    • Making a keyword targeted Google AdWords for video campaign.
    • Targeting your YouTube ads by interest.