How May I Help You?

You will love hiring me for any of the following services listed in order of most requested!

  • Email, chat, phone, or video consulting, coaching, or feedback!

  • Google AdWords and Facebook ads management from ad campaign and creative planning to optimization and scaling.

  • Video creation from reviews and tutorials to live webinars and complete courses!

  • Hiring and training freelancers online with Upwork.

  • Online business appraisal for buyers and sellers.

Case Studies

Gilles Brideau

Jerry's Coaching Saved Me $10,000+

Gilles Brideau

When I was researching how to get my website built for my psychotherapy and coaching business, I was prepared to hire a company for thousands of dollars to build my website and host it. Fortunately, I had hired Jerry beforehand for a series of calls and asked for his advice on the best method to get my website built during one of our first calls. Jerry suggested I try hiring a freelancer on Upwork, getting my own hosting, and making a few videos to transcribe for my content. Clients now consistently watch my videos before booking appointments and my hosting cost is 90% less than what I was going to pay the hosting company. You will love hiring Jerry to help you plan your business and stay accountable for your development!
Tomas George

12x Teaching Business Income

Tomas George

A few months into teaching online, I hired Jerry to help me build my income which at the time was a few hundred pounds a month. My initial goal was to pay my rent and I figured a call with Jerry might help me find some strategies for success. As we kept talking and I kept following his suggestions, my sales consistently grew first over a thousand pounds a month and now more than 12 times what I started with when I began working with Jerry. I now have my own course hosting with multiple instructors onboard and several bestselling courses along with my own video editor and collaborations with some of the best in the world. Jerry's advice consistently has worked and we talk almost every week today after now seeing each other in person 3 times despite living across an Ocean! If you want to build your online teaching business, Jerry's coaching may be the best value in the world for the cost versus the results!

Hire Jerry Banfield Today?


  • What happens after purchase?

    You will immediately receive an email with my best contact information to get started asking you to let me know what you are looking for help with! In your email reply, you can let me know what you have in mind and suggest any ways to communicate best such as email, phone, or voice call.

  • How do we calculate time worked?

    Your time will be tracked with a tracking app any time I am doing any work for you which includes all communication such as time reading and responding to your emails, time spent planning the next step, and time invested in any technical work requested such as managing campaigns. Time tracking stops as soon as I am doing anything besides focusing completely on serving you such as bathroom breaks, lunch, etc.

  • How long is the hourly rate valid for?

    You can lock in your rate per hour with a purchase or subscription on this page. The rate posted as of May 18, 2019 is the lowest rate I am available to work at with a baseline of no existing clients as I have not been accepting any new clients for years. The hourly rate will increase for any new orders based on the average amount of hours worked each week. Thus, the rate can increase on this page at any time above the baseline of $189.72/hour where it started and you can guarantee your rate never increases by choosing a subscription option.

  • When do the hours purchased need to be used?

    You get credits for hours of service for every purchase or subscription that are good indefinitely! You can buy hours today and use them a year or more from now as desired. You can subscribe for hours and have credit for them each month while using them all at once as needed.

  • Are uploads to the Jerry Banfield accounts included?

    Sharing any content we create as a result of our collaboration here to any of the Jerry Banfield properties online such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and is NOT included by default for every client. You may need to pay for a sponsored video, podcast, or post package to have what we create together shared on my channels!