INSTAGRAM! What did I learn getting 18,000 followers?

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Instagram is easy if we just post pictures of what we love!
    • Would you like to learn about Instagram with me?
    • What is the number one thing I learned on Instagram?
    • Most valuable activity I can do on Instagram?
  • 2
    Where would I start from zero again?
    • If I had to start from 0 followers, where would I begin?
    • My most recent Instagram post.
    • Do some people have it easy on Instagram?
  • 3
    Live video on Instagram
    • Have I done a live video on Instagram?
    • Uploading videos on Instagram.
    • Thank you for motivating me to upload my first video on Instagram!
  • 4
    Gaining followers naturally.
    • What is it users really like about Instagram?
    • Understanding how to find people to follow is how to get found!
    • Thank you very much for watching this class with me!

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