1. Kickstarter Page Creation and Strategy

Complete graphic design, video creation, and sales copywriting to superlaunch your project

If you're a course provider, before you publish your course you should put it up as a Kickstarter. It is the equivalent of a pre-sales run and will help you find a larger audience. We have years of experience running eLearning Kickstarters and can perfect your design.


2. Course Sales Page (Copy and Graphic Design)

Move readers into action with compelling copy and eye-grabbing graphic design for your sales page

3. Course Sales Copy (Text Only)

Powerful, search engine-optimized copy describing and outlining your course on your sales page

4. Kickstarter Promotional Video/Course Trailer

Help your brand increase conversion rates with visual content, including effects and animation. Our videos tailored to your brand have the power to influence more than any other medium.


5. Course Image Graphic Design

Make your eLearning course aesthetically appealing to boost clickthrough rates.

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