Course description

If you have ever wondered how computer programs work, how machine understand the code we write or if you already know that but you want to become more advanced programmer and Kotlin developer? This course is for you!

In this course we will start from scratch, assuming you have no prior knowledge at all, then we will learn basic concepts of programming and deep dive into the Kotlin world!

The main goal of this course is to teach you how to program computers using kotlin programming language. You will become a programmer as well as an advanced Kotlin developer by the end of this course.

Kotlin is new programming language sponsored by JetBrains and Google through the Kotlin Foundation. Kotlin is general purpose programming language know for its conciseness, safety and interoperability with other programming languages such as Java. You will discover the power of Modern Programming in Kotlin and obtain the skills to dramatically increase your career prospects as an Android developer and programmer.

You will master the Android's number one programming language (Kotlin is Google’s preferred language for Android app development).

My name is Morteza Kordi, senior mobile app developer and online instructor with over 50,000 satisfied students, and I’ve designed The Complete Programming + Kotlin Developer Course for android developers with one thing in mind: you should learn by practicing your skills and building apps. 

I’ll personally be answering any questions you might have and I’ll be happy to provide links, resources and any help I can offer to help you master programming and Kotlin development. All of your questions will be answered in no time!


Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are new to programming and kotlin
  • Intermediate developers who want to master modern programming and kotlin programming language
  • Advanced developers who want to enhance their programming skills and learn the best practices in modern programming
  • People who want to get employed as a Software Developer in app development companies
  • People who want to become a Freelancer and work from the comfort of their homes
  • People who want to program computers just for fun
  • Android developers who want to become an advanced Kotlin developers



  • No programming experience is required
  • A windows or a mac or a linux computer
  • Passion and Commitment to become a professional programmer


What you'll learn:

  • Master Kotlin Programming and best practices behind professional Kotlin and Android apps
  • Modern kotlin programming from scratch
  • Kotlin functional and Object Oriented Programming
  • Collections and Lambda expressions
  • Kotlin coroutines
  • How to harness the full power of computers via programming in Kotlin
  • Master the principles behind popular programming languages such as PHP, Java, Javascript, Swift, C#, C++ or Scala
  • Sharpen your skills in android development by learning the popular java based programming language Kotlin
  • Kotlin Generics
  • Exceptions handling and creating custom Exceptions

Course curriculum

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Morteza Kordi
Developer, Programmer, Designer and Teacher

Bestselling Instructor, 4 Courses, Serving over 60,000 Students, Senior Developer 

Why are 60,000+ students enrolled in my online courses?

1) I teach with passion and purpose! Every course is delivered with my students in mind. We are in the same team. We work until we get results.

2) My courses will help you achieve real results and change your life today!

3) I'll answer every question that my students ask.

4) Most of my students have already published their Android Apps to Google Play.

5) My courses are project based. Students learn each concepts by working on real world projects.

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