Course description

Hello and welcome to my Lightroom Beauty Retouch course.  This course will provide basic and advanced techniques for editing and retouching your beauty photos directly in Lightroom 5, 6 or CC.

This course also includes a project you can complete and submit for feedback!

Learn how to; remove blemishes, add a new color of lipstick, apply a new color of eye shadow, remove creases/wrinkles, intensify eyes, sharpen eyelashes and much more!

In this course you will learn how to do all of the following...

  • Change or add a new color of eye shadow
  • Change or add a new color of lipstick
  • Enhance and/or change the color of eyes
  • Smooth skin (naturally) for a Hollywood glow
  • Remove and/or add objects (the strap in the image can be fixed)
  • Remove blemishes directly in Lightroom
  • Bring back detail in highlights (like her dress)
  • How to use Local Adjustment brushes for custom edits
  • How to use the Basic panel, Tone Curve, Detail panel and more
  • How to create Develop presets and use during import... to let Lightroom auto edit for you!
  • How to apply noise reduction automatically vs. manually applying
  • How to edit 20 photos in 30 seconds
  • How to save 1 hour of every 8 hours worked
  • and much more...

This Lightroom editing course also comes with the photo used in the lessons.  This way, you can follow along and practice what you learned.  Plus, you can submit your final edit (s) for review or just to share your creative vision.  Oh, and yes, I'll answer any questions you have too!

You will even learn my 3 step editing workflow that I've used on hundreds of weddings and thousands of portrait sessions.  This is the same workflow I use to help me edit 500 photos per hour.

I'm not just a Lightroom user.  I'm a professional photographer that uses Lightroom to quickly edit my images and teaches other photographers how to use it.

Course curriculum

Meet your instructor!

Chris Parker
Photography | Photoshop | Lightroom | GIMP | Taught by a Pro

30 years experience as a pro photographer.  Teaching photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, and GIMP.  

I've photographed thousands of portrait sessions and 500+ weddings in the last 30 years.  I'm also a graphic designer and a lifelong user of Photoshop (since 1991) and Lightroom (since 2007).

Helping photographers achieve their creative vision since 2010.

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"Lightroom Portrait Beauty Retouch - Full Edit & Workflow"

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