Course description

Welcome to the Introduction to Maps in R Shiny and Leaflet course. In this course we will be creating a fully functional web gis application using the R programming language. This application will be comprised of different types of maps ranging from point maps to heatmaps, to choropleth maps.

We will also be using different datasets ranging from dataframes to spatial dataframes, which we will use to transform and visualize our data on different types of maps, depending on the use case. Once we have completed the course we will be equipped with extremely valuable skills, that we can use to build sophisticated web map applications of any kind and tell spatial data stories that almost anyone can interpret and understand.

Some of the skills you will acquire from taking this course range from:
  • Working with spatial data in the R programming language
  • Installing and using R studio
  • Using the leaflet web mapping library
  • Creating a variety of maps and integrating it into a single application
  • Building a dashboard in R Shiny
  • Creating map legends and colour palettes
  • Styling maps using embedded html functions
  • Working with dataframes
  • Using R terminal operations

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Installations and Setup

    • Installations and Setup

  • 3

    Creating the Earthquake OSM Map

    • Create First Map

    • Menu Items

    • Adding Markers

    • Adding Circle Markers

    • Adding Legend

    • Adding Layers Control

  • 4

    Creating the Earthquake Dark Map

    • Adding Second Menu Item

    • Adding Circle Markers To Second Map

    • Add Legend to Second Map

    • Change Map Based On Zoom Level

  • 5

    Creating a Heatmap

    • Adding Menu Item For Heatmap

    • Adding Heatmap Data

  • 6

    Creating a Choropleth Map

    • Adding Choropleth Submenu Item

    • Downloading And Transforming Data

    • Preparing Data For Styling

    • Creating And Styling Choropleth Map

    • Creating A Legend For Choropleth Map

  • 7


    • Questions and Answers

    • Source code

Meet your instructor!

Edwin Bomela 
Data Engineer 

Edwin Bomela is a Big Data Engineer and Consultant, involved in multiple projects ranging from Business Intelligence, Software Engineering, IoT and Big data analytics. Expertise are in building data processing pipelines in the Hadoop and Cloud ecosystems and software development. 

He is currently a consulting at one of the top business intelligence consultancies helping clients build data warehouses, data lakes, cloud data processing pipelines and machine learning pipelines. 

The technologies he uses to accomplish client requirements range from Hadoop, Amazon S3, Python, Django, Apache Spark, MSBI, Microsoft Azure, SQL Server Data Tools, Talend and Elastic MapReduce.

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