Course description

This course is designed to equip students with the skills required for creating dynamic web pages using PHP and MySQL. It further equips students with the fundamentals of PHP programming, while providing them with advanced features of the language. Immerse yourself in an end-to-end full-stack development experience, as we explore user interface design, business logic and hosting activities. By the end of this course, you will be able to build an attractive PHP application and host it for for future clients.

Why Learn Development with PHP 

PHP was designed to make web development easier, and many beginners find it effortless to pick up and get started with. In fact, PHP code was so easy to pick up, many non-programmers end up being able to write PHP application in no time!

The top 5 reasons to learn PHP are:

  1. Beginner Friendliness
  2. Designed to Scale
  3. Active Support Community
  4. Career Opportunities
  5. Future

This course is practical and will equip you with all you need to build a fully functional web application, add it to source control using GitHub and finally, host it on Heroku.

Languages and Technologies Used:

  • PHP (HyperText Pre-Processor) - Server-Side Programming Language that allows us to build dynamic and data driven applications
  • HTML and CSS - Standard Web Languages used to design web pages
  • Visual Studio Code (With extensions) - Development tool or IDE to help us write code faster.
  • XAMPP Server - To facilitate Apache and MySQL Servers
  • PhpMyAdmin - MySQL Management Tool built into XAMPP Server
  • GitHub - For Source Control and collaboration
  • Heroku - For publishing website(s) PHP Application to the Cloud (Free with restrictions)

NO other course on the market can equip you with these skills. Level up now and be a part of the modern PHP Developers' club!

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Build a fully data driven web application
  • Understand the PHP Application Flow
  • Create and manage databases with phpMyAdmin and MySQL Workbench
  • Create PHP/MySQL queries with PDO
  • Setup User Authentication and Authorization
  • Use Bootstrap 4 CSS Framework
  • Use JQuery and JQueryUI
  • Use Visual Studio Code Efficiently
  • Deploy using Heroku Hosting
  • Manage Projects with GitHub


Who this course is for:

  • Everyone
  • Web Developers who know HTML and CSS
  • Web Developers without PHP Experience
  • Beginner PHP Developers



  • A computer
  • An Internet Connection
  • An email address


What you'll learn:

  • Setup Apache Server using XAMPP Server
  • Setup MySQL Database using XAMPP Server
  • Setup PHP Environment using XAMPP Server
  • Basic PHP Syntax
  • Understand the role of PHP in Web Based Programming Applications.
  • Build Data Driven and Dynamic Web Applications
  • How to manipulate data using PHP PDO
  • How to Use Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • How to Use GitHub for Source Control
  • How to Deploy a Web Application using Heroku

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Environment Configuration

  • 2

    PHP Basics and Syntax

    • How PHP Works

    • IF...ELSE Statements

    • Switch Statements

    • FOR Loop

    • WHILE AND DO...WHILE Loops

    • PHP Arrays and Manipulation

    • String Manipulation Functions

    • Date and Time Manipulation Functions

    • User Defined Functions

    • PHP Include and Require

    • PHP Website Layout - With Bootstrap

    • Add Project to Github

    • Publish Website to Heroku

    • Final Source Code

  • 3

    PHP Forms and MySQL and User Authentication

    • Project and Website Setup

    • Create a Bootstrap 4 Form

    • PHP Form - $_GET Action

    • PHP Form - $_POST Action

    • Design Database with phpMyAdmin

    • Connect to Database using PHP PDO

    • Save Records to Database

    • View Database Records

    • View One Record's Details

    • Update Database Records

    • Delete Database Records

    • Final Touches: Form Validation, Error Messages, Success Messages

    • Add Project to GitHub

    • Create Heroku App and Remote Database

    • Setup Authentication Tables in Database

    • Setup Login and Authentication

    • Control User Access

    • Sending Confirmation Emails

    • Upload Profile Pictures

    • Final Touches

    • Source Code

Meet your instructor!

Trevoir Williams
Software Engineer and part time lecturer

I am a Software Engineer and part time lecturer. 

With a Master's Degree in Computer Science, I have spent over a decade teaching Web, Software and Database Development Courses. I also have as much industry experience in Web Application Development and Azure Cloud System and Server Administration.

I enjoy teaching IT and Development courses and hope to impart the latest in industry standards and knowledge to my students.

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