Course curriculum

Using MVC, Entity Framework, and ASP.NET Scaffolding, we will go through building a small school management system while learning key concepts in ASP.NET MVC development. This course will show you how to leverage MVC's Scaffolding features to quickly construct data driven html pages and how to write queries to the database using .NET's famed Entity Framework with C#.

You will also learn how to use Javascript, JQuery and JQueryUI and Ajax to develop dynamic and user friendly user interfaces. All interfaces will be keenly styled using the standard Bootstrap CSS Framework, which is used to maintain a standard look and feel across all pages.

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Build a fully data driven web application

  • Understand the MVC Folder Structure

  • Add Data models to your project using Entity Framework

  • Write basic LINQ queries

  • Understand how Models, Views and Controllers combine to facilitate a web application

  • Understand Razor Syntax in views

  • Understand C# Model Classes

  • Understand how to add views and actions to a controller

  • Use Bootstrap to insert JavaScript controls (sliders, etc), button and text styles and manipulate the overall layout

  • Upload a project to GitHub

  • Manage Packages in an MVC Project

  • User JQuery and tools to increase interactivity and animations on the interface.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner .NET Developers seeking to explore modern website development methods
  • Intermediate .Net Developers seeking more answers


  • A Reliable Internet Connection
  • A desire to learn

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Manipulating Tables and Data - CRUD Operations

    • Connect and Create a Database

    • Drop or Remove Database

    • Create an SQL Database Table

    • Insert Data into the Table with SQL Script

    • Insert Data into the Table with Workbench

    • Select Data from the Table with SQL Script

    • Select Data with Filters

    • Update Data in the Table

    • Delete Data from the Table

    • Reverse Engineer Database into Model

    • Forward Engineer Data Model into Database

  • 3

    Relationships and Foreign Keys

    • What are Relationships, Foreign Keys and Normalization

    • Create Relationships with Data Modelling

    • Create Relationships with Workbench Table Design Tool

    • Insert Records in Related Tables

    • Run Queries on Related Tables (Inner Joins)

    • Left, Right and Cross Joins

  • 4

    Aggregate Functions

    • Grouping Data using SQL GROUP BY Clause

    • SQL AVG Aggregate Function

    • SQL COUNT Aggregate Function

    • SQL MIN & MAX Aggregate Functions

    • SQL SUM Aggregate Function

    • Splitting Groups using HAVING Clause

Meet your instructor!

Trevoir Williams
Software Engineer and part time lecturer

I am a Software Engineer and part time lecturer. 

With a Master's Degree in Computer Science, I have spent over a decade teaching Web, Software and Database Development Courses. I also have as much industry experience in Web Application Development and Azure Cloud System and Server Administration.

I enjoy teaching IT and Development courses and hope to impart the latest in industry standards and knowledge to my students.

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