28 Days of Coaching Together = Next Level!

  • POWERFUL 28 DAY PROGRAM! For the next 28 days, we are focusing on guiding you exactly to your goals through forming habits that are highly effective and discarding ineffective strategies that are slowing progress!

  • 1 ON 1 CALLS DAILY! Our program happens primarily in our 1 on 1 calls every day on Facebook and the follow up actions you are taking as a result of those calls!

  • 1 CLEAR VISION! What does the next level look like for you? We begin our first three calls with a focus on WHY the next level is desirable and form a clear vision for what that looks like which empowers us to do our most valuable work every day!

  • 1 BOOK OR VIDEO COURSE A WEEK! Reaching the next level is always a function of learning and growth which guides us every week to study one new book or online video course most directly related to what we need to learn.

  • 1 HOUR WEEKLY GROUP CALL! Once a week we have a call with all the Uthena partners to help each other and gain inspiration!

  • LIFETIME UTHENA PARTNER MEMBERSHIP! Enjoy access to build your business here with us!

  • PRIVATE MESSAGING! In addition to 1 on 1 calls on Facebook, you also have the ability to message me any time for help!



    In October 2011, I started my business online with a vision to help people with the same problems I struggled with. During the next three years, I managed to spend every dime I could get my hands on including accumulating nearly one hundred thousand dollars in debt as one bad idea after another failed to pay for itself. To avoid going bankrupt in December 2014, I borrowed $50,000 more in personal loans to give me time to focus completely on teaching video courses and maybe build some passive income before all my creditors figured out I was borrowing to make the minimum payments. Four years later, all the debt is now paid off and I have earned more than a million dollars online despite being banned from Udemy in 2016 and a laundry list of other learning opportunities. If I had to start all over again, the biggest change I would make is to hire a coach from the very beginning because now can I see that spending the money on the coach from the start would have helped me get out of wasting my time and into profitability YEARS faster than doing it all myself. For example, building websites was an ongoing struggle for me during the first five years of working online resulting in thousands of dollars and hours of ineffective solutions. Today, when a client starting a business asks me about getting a website, in 5 minutes I explain the ideal setup with a WordPress theme hosted on Kinsta which can be managed and built for a low cost by a freelancer on Upwork if desired. For those of us starting a business, hiring a coach might be the #1 way we can invest our money in our future growth!


    For those of us already earning online and intending to reach the next level, hiring a coach can give us a powerful ally to show us the way forward and assist in what we create! My coaching is most effective as a part of a deep relationship with the student where I know the vision, person, and business well because then I am able to provide laser focused suggestions and feedback that get the best results! For example, when Tomas George hired me to coach him on building his already established Udemy business up in 2016 when it was producing a few hundred a month in earnings, I suggested more YouTube video tutorials previewing courses and a focus on adding more to his best courses to give them a shot at becoming the bestseller in the category. Tomas now has the #1 bestselling course on several topics on Udemy and offers his own coaching program for music which I was the first to sign up for! Taking the step to hire a coach is a clear leap of faith that allows us to convince ourselves that we are serious about what we are doing and willing to accept any help the Universe will provide. In my experience, it is the leap of faith that is necessary in order to reach the next level. In every case where my business has succeeded online, I took a big leap of faith often costing $10,000+ upfront to take the next step ranging from borrowing money to pay the bills so I could focus totally on filming video courses to making an investment that later paid 8x within a few months to advertising campaigns to promote videos which later produced bestselling courses. As far as I can see, the leap of faith is required to reach the next level and I am honored to provide that opportunity here today!


    In 2006 I was unemployed for a few months after graduating from college leaving me with no income and consistent expenses. On a day to day basis I consistently felt like I did not have money and thought money was the root of all evil. I rationalized not tipping when I went out to eat because “the server is making more than I am.” Despite a mindset of “I am broke and cannot afford it” along with a bank account that had nearly reached zero, I always found money on a credit card to go out to the bar or buy a new video game or go out on a date. The truth is that for my entire life I have always had enough money and even at the lowest financial points in my life I still had enough to spend on what was most important to me. What I have learned over the last ten years is that my mindset creates my reality especially when it comes to what is important. Today I have a mindset of loving money and being able to afford anything in time. I have $30,000 in the bank today and an average of $10,000+ a month in profit with my business online which for the first time ever gives me a positive net worth. The secret is I CHANGED MY MIND AND BEHAVIOR FIRST! In 2014 as I faced the near certainty of my business ending, I realized that the truth was that no matter how much money I owed, I did in fact have enough for that day and the foreseeable future to keep paying the bills and afford what I needed. As soon as I CHANGED MY MIND, I also began to CHANGE MY BEHAVIOR. I stopped wasting money on things giving me no return and started spending money relentlessly on that which helped me be of service and build my business. I spent almost all of my cash paying freelancers to collaborate with me and advertising my Udemy courses with the expectation I would use the earnings to pay off my debt which is exactly what I did. Hiring me as a coach is the opportunity to change mindset and behavior out of a “I do not have enough money” mindset into one of abundance because I am only available to work with those willing to help me maintain my business online and willing to make a serious investment in themselves. If you want to reach the next level, how much is that worth to you? I have spent as much as $100,000 to reach my next level and the payoff was over a million dollars. Investing $2,500 with me is absolutely worth a minimum of $25,000 back in earnings. The trick to reaching the next level is we often do not get to see how we will get there until we take the leap of faith.