Course description

Want to Take Your Presentation Slides to a Whole New Level?

You may think you know Microsoft PowerPoint, but you don't know jack if you don't how to use advanced animation to bring your boring static slides to life.

Your PowerPoint slides may be information packed but may also lack visual impact if you're not familiar with the use of shapes, word art and smart art.

You're presentations are going to collect dust on your computer  if you don't learn how to produce them and share them on the Internet.

Hi, My Name is Brian, and I'd Like to Teach you Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and 2016

We'll begin by reviewing a set of orientation lectures that will familiarize you with the Microsoft PowerPoint window and screen layout.

Next we'll cover the basics of PowerPoint in which you'll learn to create simple, bulleted item based presentations.

Then we'll learn to insert visual elements into your presentations to add impact and help convey your message.

Finally, we'll look into advanced animation techniques and how you can record and share your finished presentations on the Internet.

If You're Finally Ready to Learn Microsoft PowerPoint, I'm Prepared to Teach You

In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to use Microsoft PowerPoint like a professional. I'll teach you the basics from the ground up, spice things up with some intermediate additions, and finish things off with advanced automation and presentation production techniques. This course provides complete Microsoft PowerPoint from beginner through advanced training.

You'll learn the basics:

  • PowerPoint Window and Screen Layout
  • Creating and Saving Presentations
  • Inserting, Deleting and Moving Slides
  • Editing Slide Contents
  • Configuring Slide Transitions
  • Adding Simple Animation

Then we'll add some intermediate flourishes:

  • Insert pictures, text boxes, shapes, smart art, tables, charts and graphs

Finally, we'll finish the course off with some advanced topics

  • Advanced Animation
  •  Advanced Presentation Production

Newly Added: 6+ Hours of Additional Advanced Information

As of this writing, I've spent the last month extending this course from it's original 3 hour format to a 9.5 hour course. Additions have been included throughout, but the main additions are in 5 new advanced sections:

  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Advanced Animation
  • Creating Book Covers in PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Presentation Production Options
  • Business Graphics

Why Not Check Out the Course and See What You've Been Missing?

PowerPoint mastery is just a click away.  Why not give yourself the gift of knowledge and come learn with me today?

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P.S. The course includes four downloadable sample Microsoft PowerPoint presentations including the slides for the course's overview and promotional video.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let's get started today.

What Students Will Learn:

  • Create basic bulleted presentation slides
  • Insert advanced elements such as Smart Art to enhance slide impact
  • Use advanced slide animation to create visually stunning slides
  • Produce video presentations of PowerPoint presentations


  • A preinstalled copy of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016/365 is required
  • The course demonstrates PowerPoint on a PC running Windows 8.1/10

Target Student:

  • Beginners to Microsoft PowerPoint who want to learn it all

Course curriculum

  • 2
    PowerPoint Overview
    • Introduction to the PowerPoint Overview Section
    • Differences Between Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 (2017 Extension)
    • Purchasing and Installing PowerPoint
    • Starting and Stopping PowerPoint
    • PowerPoint Window, Quick Access Toolbar and Status Bar
    • Menu, Ribbon and Screen Layout
    • New, Save, Save As, Open and Close
    • PowerPoint Overview Section Project #2
    • Summary of the PowerPoint Overview Section
  • 3
    PowerPoint Beginner Training
    • Introduction to PowerPoint Beginner Training
    • Choosing and Configuring Your Template
    • Configuring Slide Size and Orientation
    • Configuring Slide Size, DPI and Orientation for a Book Cover (2017 Extension)
    • Inserting, Selecting, Deleting, Moving and Duplicating Slides
    • Creating Title and Standard Slides
    • Selecting From the Other Slide Layouts
    • Editing Slide Contents
    • Previewing Your Presentation
    • Configuring Slide Transitions
    • Adding Simple Slide Animation
    • Course Overview Presentation Slides: Beginner
    • Producing PDF Documents and JPG Images from PowerPoint Slides (2017 Extension)
    • PowerPoint Beginner Training Project #3
    • Overview of PowerPoint Beginners Training
  • 4
    PowerPoint Intermediate Training
    • Introduction to PowerPoint Intermediate Training
    • Inserting Pictures
    • Artistic Effects in PowerPoint (2017 Extension)
    • Quick and Simple Screen Copy and Paste plus Design Ideas (2017 Extension)
    • Inserting Text Boxes
    • Inserting Shapes
    • Configuring Slide Elements
    • Creating a Complex Graphic Slide
    • Inserting Smart Art
    • Inserting Tables
    • Inserting Charts and Graphs
    • Inserting Video
    • PowerPoint Intermediate Training Section Project #4
    • Summary of PowerPoint Intermediate Training
  • 5
    PowerPoint Advanced Training
    • Introduction to the PowerPoint Advanced Training Section
    • Basic Presentation Skills
    • Recording the Course Overview with Camtasia Studio
    • Advanced Slide Animation
    • Removing Image Backgrounds (2017 Extension)
    • Animating Charts and Graphs
    • Course Promotional Video Slides
    • PowerPoint Advanced Training Section Project #5
    • Summary of the PowerPoint Advanced Training Section
  • 6
    Continuing Education
    • Fast Selection and Editing
    • PowerPoint 2D Animated Movie Trailer Example
    • Creating Udemy Course Card Images Using PowerPoint (2017 Extension)
    • Creating Infographics and Memes (2017 Extension)
    • Introduction to Book Cover Design in PowerPoint (2017 Extension)
  • 7
    • Conclusion to the 2017 Extensions... and More...
    • Where Do I Go From Here?
  • 8
    Introduction to the 2017 Section Extensions
    • So, Here's the Story Behind the 2017 Section Extensions
    • PowerPoint 2017 Extensions Promotional Video
  • 9
    Advanced Presentation Skills (2017 Extension)
    • Introduction to Advanced Presentation Skills
    • Choosing Between the Various Styles of Presentation
    • Outlining Your Course, Sections, Lectures and Articles
    • Presenting at a Casual Pace in a Clear, Comfortable and Confident Voice
    • Defeating the Ums, Uhs and Sos
    • Enunciating, Articulating, Emoting, Inflecting and Laughing
    • Using Bullet Items to Prompt Your Dialog - No Script Required
    • Paraphrasing and Augmenting Your Talking Points
    • Cheating Ahead, Building Anticipation and Concluding
    • Music or No Music... Plus the Rules
    • Speaking Live
    • Be Fearless!
    • Advanced Presentation Skills Section Project
    • Summary of Advanced Presentation Skills
  • 10
    PowerPoint Slide Design and Advanced Animation (2017 Extension)
    • Introduction to PowerPoint Slide Design and Advanced Animation
    • Outlining a Lecture in PowerPoint
    • Introductions, Bullet Items, Transition Slides, Graphics and Conclusions
    • Static Slides, Transitions and Basic Animation
    • When to Use Animation and How Much to Use
    • Adding and Sequencing Animated Effects
    • Moving, Spinning, Growing and Shrinking Objects Pt. 1
    • Moving, Spinning, Growing and Shrinking Objects Pt. 2
    • Draw Any Shape -- PowerPoint as a Graphic Design Tool
    • Addendum: Drawing Smooth Free Form Curves
    • Bonus Lecture: My Truck Demonstration
    • Using the Selection Pane to Organize and View Slide Elements
    • Multislide Animations and Transitions
    • Talking Head Animation
    • Advanced PowerPoint Animation Examples
    • PowerPoint Slide Design and Advanced Animation Section Project
    • Summary of PowerPoint Slide Design and Advanced Animation
  • 11
    Creating Professional Quality Book Covers in PowerPoint (2017 Extension)
    • Introduction to Creating Professional Looking Book Covers in PowerPoint
    • Configuring PowerPoint and Your Book Cover Layout
    • Fundamentals of Book Cover Design (e.g. Branding)
    • Choosing a Book Cover Background
    • Inserting and Configuring Text
    • Adding Free Internet Fonts to Windows
    • Inserting and Configuring Colored Boxes
    • Inserting, Sizing, Cropping and Manipulating Pictures
    • Removing Image Backgrounds
    • Multiple Book Cover Versions and Book Covers
    • Book Cover Creation Example 1
    • Book Cover Creation Example 1 Fix Ups
    • Book Cover Creation Example 2
    • Creating Professional Looking Book Covers in PowerPoint Section Project
    • Summary of Creating Professional Looking Book Covers in PowerPoint
  • 12
    PowerPoint Presentation Production Options (2017 Extension)
    • Introduction to PowerPoint Presentation Production Options
    • Building Your Audio/Visual Environment
    • Displaying an Unattended PowerPoint Presentation in a Loop
    • Saving and Exporting JPG and PNG Image Files
    • Producing PDF Documents
    • Addendum: Using Camtasia Studio 8 to Record & Edit Your PowerPoint Presentation
    • PowerPoint Presentation Production Options Section Project
    • Summary of PowerPoint Presentation Production Options

Meet your instructor!

Brian Jackson
Author, Publisher and Educator

I was born the middle of the last century in Los Angeles, California.  

After moving for a time to the Silicon Valley, I graduated from Humboldt State University amid the redwoods of Northern California.

Two weeks after graduation I was working as a computer systems programmer for Lockheed Missiles and Space (LMSC) back in the Silicon Valley.  Two months after that and I was married as I have been happily  ever since (for 38 years).

After 14 years at Lockheed I moved from working on IBM mainframes to using PCs running the Unix operating system and encountered a thing called the Internet.  Cisco Systems seemed to be the right place to work, so I joined the company as their 650th employee.  Eleven years later Cisco had grown to over 20,000 employees.

I retired at the age of 48 and instantly became bored!

Throughout my professional career I'd always enjoyed both writing and providing technical training.  So, I attended creative writing classes at my local junior college and began to write.

I managed to write and self-publish a handful of books, but things didn't take off until my wife, Melanie Jackson, an established author with a New York company, left traditional publishing to join me in self-publishing.

In 8 years, from 2010 to now, Melanie and I have made half-a-million dollars self-publishing well over 100 books.  I also managed to record a pair of audiobooks for Amazon and Audible sale.

By 2014, our rapid rise to Kindle fame had already dwindled.  I decided to pursue my second passion of giving training presentations.

Since 2014 I've published over 40+ online video training courses for training sites such as Udemy and SkillShare. My goal is to provide low cost high quality screen cast based educational material focusing on my areas of expertise; namely, self-publishing and book cover design using the GIMP.  I continue to expand my video training catalog while focusing some energy on resurrecting our flagging book sales using various marketing techniques.  Finally, I spend a portion of my time maintaining both my website and my wife’s website, which was developed using WordPress.

I currently live in the beautiful California wine country with my lovely wife and Butterscotch the cat.

I'll see you in the classroom,


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