Earn Steem with Steemit!

A video course showing how I earned $100,000+ blogging on Steemit with Steemit.com!

  • 1
    What is Steem and why do I love it?
    • Earn Steem with Steemit course guide.
    • #1 New Social Media and Blogging Website? Steemit!
    • Steem is a cryptocurrency that powers Steemit a social network.
    • What are cryptocurrencies? What is Bitcoin?
    • $503 a day for my first month on Steemit!
    • Is Steemit going viral now? Huge growth in one month!
  • 2
    Basic Steem and Steemit terms explained.
    • Steem, Steem Power, and SteemDollars or SBD explained.
    • Blog, comments, replies, and rewards explained.
    • The home, new, hot, trending, and promoted feeds on Steemit.
    • Steemit guides and helpful links!
    • Creating a post on Steemit by submitting a story.
  • 3
    Steemit.com pays users for new posts, comments, and upvotes!
    • Case studies from my friends starting on Steemit.
    • Earn just by commenting!
    • Trending post case studies and a simple way to get there!
  • 4
    Investing in Steem from $0 usually begins by using USD or fiat currency to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum.
    • 8 websites to change fiat like USD to Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.
    • Coinbase.com is where I bought my Bitcoin which I then used to buy Steem.
    • Bitstamp.net has support for most countries
    • Kraken.com offers a great selection of altcoins to fiat.
    • 3 more cryptocurrency exchanges if Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken do not work for you.
    • Buy Bitcoin with Cash on WallofCoins.com!
    • Buy Bitcoin directly from third party sellers in nearly any country with LocalBitcoins.com
  • 5
    Bittrex.com is where I bought most of my Steem using Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    • Bittrex.com is my current favorite cryptocurrency exchange for buying Steem.
    • Bittrex has 170+ cryptocurrencies with simple security using two factor authentication.
    • Making a deposit on Bittrex.
    • Selling SBD to BTC and buying anything with Bitcoin.
    • Cashing out on Coinbase to USD
  • 6
    Blocktrades for rapid cryptocurrency exchanges.
    • Blocktrades.us makes changing BTC, ETH, LTC, and more to Steem easy.
    • The blocktrades transaction completes within minutes and I power my Steem up.
  • 7
    Making new posts daily to Steemit.
    • Different types of posts I make on Steemit.
    • How much do top authors post?
    • Publishing Steemit posts automatically to Facebook and Twitter Free with Zapier and Streemian.
    • Earning more followers on Steemit.
  • 8
    Automatic crowdfunding for anything!
    • Built in crowdfunding!
    • Crowdfund anything on Steemit from health emergencies to new apps.
  • 9
    Steemit rewards tutorials.
    • Redeeming Steemit Rewards.
    • SBD Market with Steemit Tax Payment and Calculation System.
    • Blocktrades tutorial for instant exchanges with Bitcoin, Ether, Steem, SBD, and Litecoin.
  • 10
    • Thank you for finishing the class!

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