The Complete YouTube Course: Make Viral Videos and Rank #1 on YouTube!

  • 1
    Fast start! Discover the value you get immediately here!
    • My YouTube channel two years after filming this course in 2015!
    • What do you want to make videos about? What have you done already on YouTube?
    • YouTube channel success second step. Upload a new video now!
    • YouTube channel success third step. What are you doing well? What can improve?
    • You will be able to do anything you want to on YouTube after taking this course!
    • 2014 Rapid Growth on YouTube Search
    • Create and upload your first viral YouTube video right after watching this lecture
  • 2
    Earning Money on YouTube
    • Case study of how to make new viral YouTube videos + earn with Google AdSense.
    • $2,500 per sale from YouTube tutorial videos with an email for more help link.
    • Patreon allows you to get paid to make YouTube videos and more!
    • Get paid to make YouTube videos by adding fan funding to your YouTube channel
    • I challenge you now to find a type of video you can make one of every single day.
  • 3
    YouTube tools.
    • YouTube tagging tutorial in depth for maximizing suggested video views.
    • Introduction to the YouTube video editor and how to get free videos you can use.
    • How to make a niche topic video using the YouTube video editor and add your own audio.
    • YouTube video descriptions in depth. Long descriptions are WAY better!
    • YouTube Title, Tags, and Description Character Limits.
    • YouTube Keyword tool for expanding your description and making a more relevant title.
    • Proof these YouTube strategies are working rapidly for me now making this course.
  • 4
    • 41) How to make a great YouTube thumbnail with Canva based on data
    • 42) YouTube thumbnail creation simply with Fiverr
    • 43) YouTube thumbails in search ranking for branding consistently and getting clicks
  • 5
    Analytics and community
    • Introduction to YouTube analytics.
    • YouTube analytics traffic sources explained for YouTube search and suggested video.
    • YouTube subscriber analytics tab explained for how to know which videos get subs.
    • YouTube search analytics how to get more than only top 25 entities available.
    • YouTube ranking secrets how to push from third up to number one in the rankings.
    • Optimizing your YouTube video tags, title, and description based on analytics.
    • 48) YouTube comments and engagement explained why it is valuable for growth
    • 49) I try to answer every comment on my YouTube channel. Think 8020 here!
  • 6
    YouTube ads make leveling a channel up easier!
    • YouTube advertising has been the key to my consistent YouTube channel growth.
    • YouTube advertising tutorial 2015 with Google AdWords for video
    • YouTube ads for Udemy course sales
  • 7
    Viral video creation tutorial
    • 53) youtube viral video creation basic tutorial
    • 54) YouTube viral video launch day 2
    • 55) Results of this video a year later! This video made my next viral video happen!
  • 8
    Filming with Camtasia for screencapture and even my iPhone!
    • 56) Introduction to Camtasia Studio on Windows.
    • 57) My new filming system using iPhone with iRig HD mic screen capture software
    • 58) Why I upload videos 1 to 3 at a time and try to do it each day.
  • 9
    Copyright strikes
    • 59) How to handle youtube copyright claims and avoid getting flagged for copyright
    • 64) How to remove a YouTube copyright strike and complete the counter notification process in 2015
    • 65) copyright infringement youtube notice from a copyright strike how to follow up and appeal
  • 10
    Live streaming
    • 60) YouTube live streaming launched my first viral video! See how to get started.
    • 61) How to setup your first live event or live stream on YouTube
    • 63) YouTube export error setting up my live stream. Twitch lagged also.

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