Course description

A programming course using the GDScript programming language with 6 projects all programmers should know how to do. This language is a great starting point being easy enough for a new person wanting to learn to program without any of the intimidation! By the end of this course, you will develop confidence in your ability to create programs and applications with simple UI that you can easily change in the future.

Lessons include:

  • Creating a Random Password Generator

  • Developing a basic login system that you can later use with games or key registration

  • Learn to automate boring tasks on your computer like sorting your files on a cluttered desktop

  • Learn the basics into creating an application for basic drawing app and saving

  • Develop a working currency converter and learn to work with API

  • Learn the basics of creating client and host network for developing your own chatroom

GDScript is a high level, dynamically typed programming language used to create content. It uses a syntax similar to Python (blocks are indent-based and many keywords are similar). Its goal is to be optimized for and tightly integrated with Godot Engine, allowing great flexibility for content creation and integration for software and video game development.

*** Having a basic understanding of the coding structure or taking my GDScript course prior is recommended for a better understanding.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Password Generator

  • 3

    Basic Login System

    • What Does It Do

    • Build the GUI

    • Connecting Signals

    • Creating an Account

    • Save and Load Accounts Info

    • Logging In System

    • Exporting

  • 4

    Automated File Organizer

    • What Does this Do

    • Build the GUI

    • Setup Signals

    • Save Text File

    • Moving the Files

    • Exporting

  • 5

    Basic Drawing App

    • What Does This Do

    • Building the GUI

    • Connecting Signals

    • The Canvas

    • Exporting

  • 6

    Currency Converter

    • What Does This Do

    • Build the GUI

    • Signal Setup

    • Adding Currencies

    • Conversion

    • Exporting

  • 7

    Chat Room

    • What Does This Do

    • Build the GUI

    • All the Signals

    • Messages

    • Exporting

Meet your instructor!

Michael McGuire
3D Artist | Programmer | Indie Game Developer

I am a 3D Artist and have been making 3D models for over 12 years both for film level and for game models. I'm experienced in creating games and applications inside engines such as Unity, Unreal, GameGuru, GameMaker Studio, GoDot, RPG Maker.

I also have experience in creating Search Engine Optimization for websites to get them up to page one in search results. I have also studied graphic design.

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