Course description

Conquer AdSense, the World's largest ad platform.

Let's review a case study from Jordan who earned as much as $2,177.89 in a single day on Google AdSense from 184,704 page views.

What has Jordan Arsenault done working online?

Hear his experience working online for years including earning $100K+ with Google AdSense and traveling the world meanwhile:

  • Driving 184,704 page views in one day which brought in $2,177.89 in Google AdSense
  • Hired over 100 remote workers for tasks on everything from coding to design to data entry
  • Have built Facebook fans on various pages totaling over 1.26 Million fans
  • Created 1000+ pieces of content: from articles to autoresponders to comics to videos to ebooks.
  • Spent about $50k purchasing websites through Flippa
  • Being able to reach 100000s of people at once is incredible.
  • Imagine finding new ways to market and improving existing ideas. You could do that for your own business.

"My passion is marketing and helping companies grow through online advertising" ~ Jordan Arsenault

Take this course and learn to do the same.

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Getting started with Adsense

    • Where to get started working and making money online

    • What are the basics needed to run a Google AdSense business online

    • AdSense is now running on my website!

  • 3

    Google Adsense Business

    • Jordan's story from before he made a dollar online to now

    • See a live example of a Google AdSense business system bringing in a lot of revenue

    • The ideal Google AdSense business system for ongoing income and working online

  • 4


    • Inside the Google AdSense interface

    • Creating a new ad unit to place on my website

  • 5

    Working online

    • How much have I earned in less than 24 hours?

    • Life cycles of working online

    • Work life balance and challenges working online

    • What I learned from Jordan's story of working online

    • Outsourcing and business scaling

  • 6


    • What was the main thing I learned

    • The number one thing I want to improve this year

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