Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting a lot done does not have to be stressful!

  • 2

    In the information age, attention is everything!

    • A chance to practice the principles in this course and the next steps

    • What does the phrase paying attention really mean? Where are you paying yours?

    • How to notice what you are paying attention to.

  • 3

    How much do we really know ourselves?

    • I found it impossible to change anything about myself until I really knew myself

    • Talk about who you think you are and what you have been doing with others.

    • See that you can move beyond what you have been right now.

    • Self knowledge is the key to learning what you are doing and changing it.

  • 4

    An honest appraisal of our self-created working conditions shows huge opportunities for improvement!

    • What kind of background noise is there while you work, play, and sleep?

    • When was the last time you took deep breath?

    • How much sleep did you get last night? How much is normal?

    • During what parts of the day are you in a hurry?

    • How often do you check your messages, emails, and Facebook?

    • When did you last tell someone you were too busy or say yes when you meant no?

    • How fast is the computer and mobile device you use?

    • How often do you avoid doing things you do not like?

  • 5

    What kind of productivity habits do you already have?

    • When can you really completely relax and how relaxing is that?

    • How much time do you spend noticing what your body is doing?

    • What are you using to boost your productivity?

    • What are the biggest areas of resistance you are experiencing now?

    • Not trusting myself is the worst productivity habit I have ever overcome.

  • 6

    Observing bad habits and admitting them helps make way for change.

    • Rehearsing what you will say is always a waste of time.

    • Almost any background noise is distracting.

    • Feeling like you are working hard versus actually producing good work.

    • Notice any time you try to avoid something or task switch.

    • Try to do everything up until the last minute causes a lot of stress.

    • Planning for the worst case scenario is almost always a total waste of time.

  • 7

    With unproductive systems identified, we replace them with new tactics which bring better results!

    • Trusting yourself and others will eliminate 80of your wasted time and energy.

    • First things first. Do what is most important first thing in the day.

    • A little work every day beats doing a lot in one day.

    • The amount of time you have is enough. Do what you can with it.

  • 8

    Work, school, and home life all are unified.

    • Work and school productivity tips that will allow you to do more in less time.

    • Do the work in front of you to minimize task switching.

    • If you need a new phone, computer, or other equipment, buy it!

    • When you read an email or a text message, respond to it right away.

    • You do not have to smoke to take breaks!

    • Eating the minimum to be full allows me to not fatigue after lunch.

  • 9

    Personal life starts at home.

    • Helpful home and personal life productivity tips.

    • Exercising gives me nearly unlimited energy during the day.

    • Vitamins and fruit are awesome for energy any time.

    • Having less makes staying organized easier.

    • Notice and fix the biggest annoyances you have as soon as possible.

    • Reading inspirational books gives me new ideas to try.

    • You are enough today! If you have struggled to feel like you are enough, maybe this video will give you the chance to see that you are just perfect how you are today.

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