Course description

Worried about taking your TEFL course?

Unsure about how to teach ESL?

Lacking confidence in your abilities to perform a lesson?

Wondering how you can control a class of students?

Need advice on games, activities, lesson planning, reading strategies, and such?

Then this is the course for you!

This course has been specially designed to encompass all aspects of the TEFL course requirements as well as added extras for new and established teachers alike! In this course, we will cover the fundamentals and so much more, this is the only course you will need to pass your TEFL and gain confidence to teach English as a foreign language. No matter where you go to teach, Asia, Europe, South America, or even online, you can rest assured that this course has all the strategies and guides necessary for a successful and educational class.

I have over 12 years of experience in the field of ESL, teaching, managing, and training new teachers to improve their class quality. Join me in this journey as we explore the fabulous world of teaching English to second language learners! I will include PPTs to follow along with the course and at points, I will ask you to perform tasks and assignments. I will be available to you at all times for anything you need so please feel free to reach out to me via Udemy's messaging systems or emails.

Good luck!

What you'll learn:

  • Take the TEFL course with confidence.

  • Discover how to self evaluate your own classes.

  • Learn Pair and Group work techniques and strategies.

  • Understand how to effectively use boards in the classroom.

  • Discover many different Games and Activities for all 4 key aspects of ESL Learning.

  • Understand how to teach vocabulary and sentence structures.

  • Get a clear idea on how to write purposeful and concise lesson plans.

  • Understand Classroom and behaviour management strategies.

  • Gain confidence in teaching ESL to all age groups.

  • Develop and improve your overall class quality.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who is planning on taking a TEFL course or has just decided to teach ESL.

  • This course is a fantastic refresher course for new and seasoned teachers alike.


  • Teachers should be ready to learn , have an open mind , and a willingness to try.

  • No experience is needed as this course will cover all the basics you need to know.

  • Enthusiasm and a passion for educating will help you too.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Self evaluation

  • 3

    Pair work and group work

    • Pair work and group work: introduction

    • Part 1: Setting up

    • Part 2: Group activities

    • Part 3: Advantages disadvantages

    • Part 4: Organising groups

    • Resources

  • 4

    Cooperative learning

    • Cooperative learning: introduction

    • Part 1: What and why

    • Part 2: Routines

    • Part 3: Student centered

    • Part 4: Class setup

    • Resources

  • 5

    Using the board

    • Using the board: Introduction

    • Part 1: Board rules

    • Part 2: Organising your board

    • Part 3: Using tables

    • Part 4: Board management

    • Resources

  • 6

    Teaching vocabulary

    • Vocabulary: Introduction

    • Part 1: Presenting vocabulary

    • Part 2: Combining techniques

    • Part 3: Using the words in class

    • Resources

  • 7

    Teaching sentence structures

    • Sentence structures: introduction

    • Part 1: Table setup

    • Part 2: Structures and meaning

    • Part 3: Rules

    • Resources

  • 8

    Teaching readings

    • Teaching readings: Introduction

    • Part 1: Pre reading

    • Part 2: Reading steps

    • Part 3: CCQs

    • Part 4: Games and activities

    • Resources

  • 9


    • Flash cards: Introduction

    • Part 1: Visual aids

    • Part 2: Using real objects

    • Part 3: Flash card basics

    • Part 4: Drills

    • Part 5: Flash card games & activities

    • Resources

  • 10

    Lesson plans

    • Lesson plan: Introduction

    • Part 1: Basic rules of a lesson plan

    • Part 2: Lesson aims

    • Part 3: A skeleton plan for 4-6 years old

    • Part 4: A skeleton plan for 7-10 years old

    • Resources

  • 11

    Purposeful lessons

    • Purposeful lessons: introduction

    • Part 1: Lessons With Purpose

    • Part 2: 4 main skills

    • Part 3: Speaking

    • Part 4: Listening And Reading

    • Part 5: Writing

    • Resources

  • 12

    Class management

    • Classroom management: Introduction

    • Part 1: Line-up

    • Part 2: Rules

    • Part 3: Seating arrangement

    • Part 4: Points Systems

    • Part 5: Dead time

Meet your instructor!

Nikolas John Cakebread
Director of studies , TEFL teacher trainer, ESL teacher

Nikolas has over 12 years of experience teaching ESL in international, public, and private schools. He was DOS (Director of studies ) for 5 years in an academy in Shanghai, China, and for the last few years, he has been Faculty Manager in a private training school in Vietnam. Nikolas holds a BA in 'Social studies' and a Diploma in 'Child Development' and a certificate in 'Classroom Learning Strategies'. He was named Named 'Best Teacher of 2019' in Vietnam. 

Nikolas is an ESL English teacher and trainer and has held many management positions all across schools in Asia. His teaching career has taken him to China, Japan, Thailand and now he is currently Headteacher in a small city in Vietnam. His classroom is always active and engaging and filled with fun and interesting activities and methods. Nikolas has taught people from all over the world, from beginners to seasoned teachers on how to improve and maintain a controlled, yet interactive, exciting, and professional classroom environment.

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