Course description

I made this course to give you everything I wished I had learned in high school. In other words, all the things I have learned since high school that really mattered, that really were worth learning, that really have allowed me to live a life I enjoy, that’s happy, full of peaceful relationships, good work, fun that is not destructive, and life that’s worth living.

Often when I learn the lessons I’m sharing with you in this course, I think:

Why didn’t someone teach me this in school? Why did I have to blander through life for ten or fifteen years while I sat through all these classes in school that taught me things I didn’t need to know, like how to do all these equations, all of this geography, and history lessons I didn’t need to know? Why didn’t I learn the things that really matter like how to love another person, or how to forgive myself when I’ve done something wrong, or how to successfully apply for a good job? Or how to learn some new skills, how to make myself worth hiring, how to go about dating properly, how to be a good son, husband or father, brother? Why didn’t anyone teach me the things I really needed to know in school?

This course is intended to give you the best of the lessons that I’ve learned, which I wished I got in school right away, that were learned the hard way, the painful way through failure, screwing things up.

I hope this course is inspirational and motivational for you to get to know your life, to see what you know already and what you don’t know, and to be motivated to learn and grow through my stories, so you can have it a little easier than I did.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Beginning the journey together. How is this course organized for you?

    • What are you afraid of? Here is what I am afraid of right now.

  • 2

    Dating and relationships

    • Dating is like gambling.

    • Honest communication is critical for successful dating and relationships.

    • How do you know if your relationship is worth keeping?

    • Some days are hard in even the best relationships.

    • Tips for getting through hard times faster.

  • 3

    Family relationships

    • Anything I want my family to do for me, I do it for them first.

    • Doing the most good and fixing the bad ensures great family relationships.

    • Family is a reason to live and to die.

    • What I love most about my family guides me back to love of the creator.

    • When family relationships are challenging, picture losing them.

  • 4

    Life experience

    • Now is all we really every have

    • I think of my career like leveling up a character in a video game.

    • How open are you to learning and growing?

    • Doing one thing at a time is easy. Multitasking is difficult.

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Jerry Banfield

I started my business in 2011 to help others overcome the same problems I struggled with starting with addiction, relationships, and money. After accumulating $100,000+ in debt to stay in business, I discovered teaching online in 2014. Within three years, I produced 3,000+ video tutorials and paid off all the debt while struggling to maintain ongoing relationships with my students. To help students and instructors grow better together, we launched Uthena in 2019 as the first PLR marketplace for video courses! I am grateful today for 5 years sober, 3 years plant based diet, 6 years married, 3 years parenting, and 7 years as an entrepreneur online with 2,300+ YouTube videos, 21 books, 680+ blog posts, 800+ podcast episodes, 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify, and 57+ video courses where I am the primary instructor on Uthena!

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