Teach and Sell PLR Video Courses on Uthena!

Feb 22, 2021

Would you like to teach on Uthena and sell your courses with a Private Label Rights license because this will be more revenue per sale and another valuable income stream?

Teach and Sell PLR Video Courses on Uthena!


Teach and Sell PLR Video Courses on Uthena!

When you sell a video course on popular course marketplaces like Udemy or Skillshare, students take your course and the revenue that you get from enrollments or views is usually very low, and this is without counting all the free coupons you had to distribute in order to get some traction.

Here on Uthena we specialized in selling Private Label Rights or PLR video courses, and there is a place for you to sell your courses at a much higher price than elsewhere.

If you would like to teach and sell PLR video courses on Uthena, the first step would be to apply as an instructor here.

Before doing that, let's see what exactly is PLR, what we offer and the advantages to sell your PLR video courses on Uthena.

What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights (PLR) and by selling a license you authorize the buyer to sell your course, the product, under certain conditions. Generally a PLR license gives the buyer the right to edit the product, rename it and claim it as their own. 

They can resell the product at a price they choose and as they see fit without having to pay anything to the creator, except from the initial cost of a license. Apart from what is common to all PLR products, PLR licenses also have different terms that change what can be done or not to the product.

Note that selling a PLR product does not give the buyer any copyright for that product, only a license to use the product as specified in the PLR license. Look at this like a kind of franchise


Terms of a Uthena PLR license

Now, you'd like to know what's specific to a Uthena PLR license and we are going to explain it. 

This is the PLR license document that we send to buyers in your behalf.

Teach and Sell PLR Video Courses on Uthena!

We first list the title or titles they purchased. We then type the buyer's name and email address in, add the instructor's name and a unique license number.

Buyers keep this PLR license and have to be able to show it on request. As we use a name and license number, we have a reference and a list of all legitimate buyers. 

This is now the part where we detail what the buyer can do or cannot do with a PLR license.

Let's start with the [Yes] section

Teach and Sell PLR Video Courses on Uthena!

There, you can see what the buyers can do with your PLR video course. They can sell it individually or in bundles. They can give it as a bonus to another product, they can add it to a paid membership site. 

The video course can be sold as a digital product like a download or streamed on a website, or as a physical product, a CD or DVD. The buyer can put their name on the course and rename it. They can edit the videos, sale materials and create new video courses.

Teach and Sell PLR Video Courses on Uthena!

The PLR buyer may use the name of the creator, which means they can for example put their name as the distributor/seller and yours as the instructor. This is what most buyers will do as the course may have your headshot in it and this makes sense to sell it this way.

Buyers can also translate the course in another language and it can be used as a lead magnet to build a list.

These are all the things that are allowed and this is similar to other PLR licenses in the market.

Now, we have a list of things that the PLR license do not allow buyers to do, so let's see the [NO] section. 

Teach and Sell PLR Video Courses on Uthena!

These are very important restrictions, which are in place to protect the instructor and his sales on other platforms.

The PLR video course cannot be uploaded on YouTube or other video websites. It cannot be published on Udemy, Skillshare, or other marketplaces. As your course may already be on these platforms, this will protect your sales there. What buyers can do is publish your course on their own website or own school with Teachable, Podia, or Thinkific.

Your PLR video course cannot be given away for free or used in Free membership sites.

Finally, buyers cannot offer Resale Rights (RR), Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Private Label Rights (PLR).

The PLR license ends with 5 points that we invite you to read below.

Teach and Sell PLR Video Courses on Uthena!

The Uthena PLR license is the same for all instructors.

Read an example of the full Uthena PLR license.

There is also a Master Resell Rights (MRR) license that you can opt into on Uthena for more revenue. The terms are the same that in the PLR license, except that buyers can also offer Resale Rights (RR) for your course.

You can sell all your Private Label Rights (PLR) video courses like this here: https://uthena.com/collections?category=plr


The advantages of selling PLR video courses on Uthena?

As an instructor you can make additional revenue selling your PLR video courses on Uthena without impact on the sales you already have on Udemy, Skillshare or your own website.

Your video courses will be used most of the time on smaller and independent websites and schools, which will not compete with what you already have.

On Uthena, you price your courses as you wish, but we advise a starting price of $67.81 for a PLR course. If it is a very long course we can go to $97.81 and as an instructor, you get a 60% share of the selling price. Choosing a reasonable price will bring you more sales and a higher monthly revenue.

You can see our Uthena Instructor Terms here: https://uthena.com/pages/instructor


In conclusion

It is important to understand exactly what selling a Private Label Rights or PLR license with your course involves as this is totally different than offering a user license to watch your course like you do on other websites.

At Uthena, we are available to answer all questions you may have about it and clear any doubt that you may have.

A lot of instructors made the decision to sell their courses as PLRs with us and are making an additional monthly income now.

We are transparent about our sales and anyone can see our sales reports here: https://uthena.com/pages/sales-report

We hope that you will join us on Uthena.  


Michel Gerard