Why you should be excited about PLR!

June 22, 2022

So why is this so exciting? Why should you be eager to start getting involved with PLR products? The first and most obvious advantage of PLR is that you won’t have to make the products yourself.

Why you should be excited about PLR!

If you want to sell a 20,000-word eBook for instance, then all you need to do is to find the book you like, and then place a ‘buy now’ button on your website.

This means you don’t need to be a fantastic writer, it means you don’t need to spend days or months writing a book, and it means that you don’t need to handle things like editing the front cover or formatting the layout.

What’s more, is that the end product you’ll get to sell is likely to be more professional than whatever you could create yourself.

I took the example of an ebook because this kind of product has been available as PLRs for years, but it is the same and even harder to produce video courses.

That is not to undermine your skills as a creator, but simply to state that a PLR product is a product that has been designed and created from the ground up by a team of experts (or an individual expert); by people who do this for a living and who know the market well. These are people who have access to all the most useful tools for creating products and who know how to put something together that will get a response from audiences.

This, of course, increases the likelihood that your product will sell and it improves your chances of getting a positive response from those who buy it.

Better yet is the fact that even your sales materials may be ready-made for you. And once again, these are ready made by people who truly understand the business and know how to produce highly effective sales content that will help you to sell quickly and effectively.

Another benefit from not having to create the product yourself is that you’ll be able to scale much more easily and you’ll be taking far less risk.

If you create a product on your own or even commission the creation of a product, then you will need to spend either countless hours of your own time or a lot of money in getting the product created. If your product then turns out to be a failure and no one buys it, you will have lost all of that time and all of that money.


I hope this is useful.

Michel Gerard Uthena.com