What can you do with a Jerry Banfield PLR license?

  • Product may be sold separately. Product may be bundled with other products. Product can be a bonus for another product.

  • Can be added to paid membership sites. Can add bonuses to the Product for sale. Can be sold as a physical product. Can be sold as a digital product.

  • You may put your own name on the sales letter. You may rename the Product. You may edit the sales material.

  • You may edit the content of the product. You may use the source code/material to create new products. You may use the name(s) of the author/creator/seller of the Product.

  • Can be translated into other languages. Can be used to build a list.

  • Can be added to free membership sites. Can be given away for free. Can be used for YouTube or other free video sites.

  • Can be uploaded to Udemy IF you edit at least 20 percent of the course videos and change the lecture names. If you do not do that, your course may be taken down if anyone reports it as a duplicate given most of these courses are already on Udemy. We tested Udemy and verified they do not have duplicate video detection and it is possible to get the exact same course uploaded on multiple profiles both with many positive reviews and students!

  • Cannot be sold on Uthena, Skillshare Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, or Private Label Rights.

Which Courses Are Ready and Easy to Upload?

All of these courses are ready to upload, clearly outlined on Uthena, and will be easy for you to publish on your own website or render together in a YouTube video! There are many more courses included in the bundle that have not been uploaded to Uthena! Scroll down below to see those!

Courses In Progress for 2020

I am currently filming and planning videos for all of the following course topics!

  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course — 0 to 1B Impressions Online!

  • The Complete Online Teaching Course — $0 to $2M+ in Sales on Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, Thinkific, StackCommerce, and WordPress with LearnDash!

  • The Complete Facebook Marketing and Ads Course — 0 to 2M Followers!

  • The Complete YouTube Course — 0 to 288K Subscribers!

  • The Complete TikTok Course — 0 to 200K Views + Make Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • The Complete Spiritual Experience and Daily Inspiration Course

  • The 21 Hour Workweek — Balanced Lifestyle Design

  • The Complete Zapier Course to Automate Anything Online!

  • The Complete Online Advertising Course — Make Ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Bing!

Complete List of Jerry Banfield PLR Courses!

You can see the exact folders available for you to download videos from as soon as we add you to our Dropbox folder after purchase!  Those purchasing before you have earned millions of views on YouTube by taking videos and rendering together long format tutorials which then sell courses on their own website!  All videos filmed in 2020 are filmed with me (Jerry Banfield) as the primary narrator while other years include many videos I paid to have produced and get copyright!

Here are the top 10 courses I recommend starting with!

  1. The Complete YouTube Course 0 to 288K Subscribers (2020)!  I just filmed a brand new YouTube course and am continuing to add videos for 2020!
  2. TikTok (2020)!  This app is hot and growing fast with the tutorials getting great views and the courses selling easily! I am consistently adding new videos!
  3. Digital Marketing (2020)!  This huge course is a catch all for many categories of tutorials and will soon have enough videos to make several smaller courses!
  4. Teaching Online (2020)!  You can use the videos from this course to learn how to add online classes into your WordPress website and then sell the course on how to do it!
  5. How To Hack from Beginner to Certified Hacker (2019) has 50+ hours of videos which can be made into 10 or 20 individual courses!
  6. Master Ethical Hacking (2019) has about 28 videos and is selling well everywhere it has been uploaded by me and my partners!  I bet you can get a million views on YouTube by rendering the entire course into one tutorial!
  7. Master of Android Development (2019) has 40+ hours of video and offers a lot of potential on YouTube as well as selling as a course!
  8. Python Hacking (2019) can easily go viral on YouTube by rendering a lot of the course together as one video!
  9. Blackarch Linux (2019) is a brand new topic offering potential for sales and views for years as this was one of the first courses in the world produced on it!
  10. Instagram Hacking (2019) was one of the more popular requests on my YouTube channel and is an easy to sell niche course!