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You will have the ability to look at 5 alternative job searching strategies that you can start using today! In this free mini-course, if you are looking for work now and need to find a job ASAP, this is the course for you! These strategies have not only been discussed but have been applied. Having had a physical caseload where I placed HUNDREDS of job seekers in different job roles, I understand what employers want and what strategies DO and DO NOT work. These 5 strategies DO work! Here is what you will get out of this course:

- New techniques that you can use to find work FAST

- Several link recommendations to accompany your search

- 24/7 instructor accessibility for Q&A

Get started today for free! This program will definitely change your perspective of how you look at finding a job. I can't wait to share with you these new opportunities!

I'll see you in class,

Dylan M.

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Dylan Moncus
Professional Resume Writer

Having worked in the higher education industry and employment field as a hiring specialist for years, I have developed a talent for finding people's gifts and showcasing their skills. Under my work, I have assisted hundreds of job seekers in crafting resumes and cover letters that lead to more interviews and more connections.

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