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Why Teach on Uthena?

  • PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS! Sell your courses with Private Label Rights (PLR) to increase your earnings. We deliver your PLR courses with a PLR license we provide and a download link.

  • MASTER RESELL RIGHTS! Sell your courses with Master Resell Rights (PLR) to increase your earnings even more. We deliver your MRR courses with a MRR license we provide and a download link.

  • MAXIMUM EARNINGS! Enjoy full control over course/bundle pricing with 60% earned when your courses, PLR/MRR licenses and bundle are sold.

  • EASY UPLOAD! Just share your Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive folder with us and we will upload your courses for you!

  • MAKE MONEY ON EVERY COURSE! On Uthena we specialize in selling course bundles that offer payment per course allowing you to immediately earn from.

  • FREE YOUTUBE PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS! Give us permission to render a preview of your course and share it on YouTube for the best chance at making the most sales with the least effort!

  • BUILD YOUR FOLLOWING! Wherever your community already is, we are available to help you grow where you are with allowing email list signup forms in courses, links to your Facebook groups, YouTube channel, and website!

  • UTHENA FACEBOOK GROUP! Answer your students' questions in the Uthena Facebook group, interact with other students and instructors and build new relationships.

Uthena Instructor Application!

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Uthena Instructor Terms

Last Update April 27, 2022.

  • COURSE TYPES? Uthena is now focusing on the sales of Private Label Rights (PLR) courses and bundles. New instructors must make their courses available as PLRs in order to have new courses published on Uthena. Selling Private Label Rights is a fantastic way to make more income for yourself, that no other well-known platforms offer. When a PLR course is sold, we send the PLR license and download link to your customers. There is also the possibility to offer Master Resell Rights (MRR) if you wish to, this is optional.

    See a sample of the PLR license.
    See a sample of the MRR license.

  • COURSE EARNINGS? As an instructor of courses and bundles you earn 60% when a course, PLR/MRR course license is sold. Course bundles with multiple instructors are paid by number of courses in that bundle. For example, if the total instructor earnings are $1,000 for a bundle in one month and one instructor has 5 out of 10 of the courses in that bundle, that instructor's payment will be $500 from that bundle.

  • AFFILIATE PROGRAM? There is no affiliate program since March 1, 2020.

  • REFERRAL PROGRAM? There is no referral program.

  • PAYMENTS? Instructor and affiliate payments are sent out with net 45 day payment terms, which means sales during month 1 will be paid in month 3 (i.e. sales in January will be paid in March). Any disputes filed via Stripe or PayPal which are not resolved in Uthena's favor will incur an additional fee of $15 subtracted from instructor/affiliate earnings. All instructors are paid at once using PayPal mass pay.

  • UPLOADING COURSES? Instructors having copyright to a video class will have to share the video files for us to upload, a description and course image (760x420px). Instructors can request updates for their courses anytime.

  • COURSE DASHBOARD? Instructors do not have access to a dashboard to work on their courses or see sales and students reports.

  • SALES REPORTS? Everyone can see our sales on https://uthena.com/pages/sales-report and instructors are given access to an Airtable base with more detailed monthly sales reports.

  • STUDENT/TEACHER DISCUSSIONS? We invite all instructors to answer questions from their students in the Uthena Facebook group or/and to provide a support group link for their own support group within their course.

  • COURSE PRICING? You have full control over your course, and course + PLR/MRR pricing from $1 to $10,000 and anywhere in between! No free courses.

  • BUNDLE PRICING? Topic bundle prices are set by Uthena administrators and the instructor bundle price is set by the instructor entitled to a maximum of one bundle for all courses. Instructors will choose what topic bundle to be in and we encourage you to share all courses on a specific topic to get the best share revenue on bundle sales.

  • COUPON CODES? No coupon codes are available.

  • BUSINESS & AFFILIATE LINKS? Business links, social media links and affiliate links are allowed in courses and landing pages (within a reasonable number).

  • COURSE PREVIEWS? We request instructors to make available 1 to 3 video lectures as previews within the course or/and on the Uthena YouTube channel. Preview lectures on YouTube will be embedded on the course's landing pages.

  • YOUTUBE PREVIEWS? You can give us permission to render a preview of maximum 50% of your course and share it on the Uthena YouTube channel for the best chance at making the most sales with the least effort!

  • INCENTIVES & BONUSES? Uthena will offer its own bonuses to motivate sales of PLR/MRRs, courses and bundles. Instructors can also offer incentives to people for purchasing their courses and bundle, like free courses, ebooks, downloads, FB memberships, free calls, etcetera…

  • OFFERING SERVICES? Uthena will not accept any more services.

  • EMAIL MARKETING? Buyers have the possibility to subscribe to our Uthena email updates and we will promote new PLRs, courses and bundles to them. Instructors can invite students to sign-up to an email list within the course, using a text file or embedding a form. They can also invite them to go to a private FB group, website or YouTube channel. They can email them whatever they want from their list!

  • REMOVING COURSES? Any instructor at any time may request courses to be removed from Uthena for any reason. A request to remove courses will require a confirmation one month from the original request to ensure the request was not made in a state of distress or via a compromised account. All pending payments will be held until a confirmation is received or dismissed. If the confirmation of course removal is received one month after the original request, course removal is final and will eliminate any pending earnings and email lists. Earnings in bundles will be given to other instructors while earnings not available to another instructor will be refunded to students. Courses will be set to "Private" and "Hidden" so students who have purchased them will still have access, but courses won't appear on Uthena.

  • NO REVIEWS? There is no star review system on Uthena and no concurrent promotion on instructors' course landing pages like promoting someone else's courses.

  • HOW TO APPLY? Join us as an instructor at https://uthena.com/pages/instructor. By submitting the application form, you confirm that you agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined here as well as being flexible to adapt to any changes going forward!

Uthena Instructor Application!

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