Course description

In this course you will learn about network penetration testing using NMAP. NMAP is most popular tool in ethical hacking world. This tool is widely use by Penetration Testers, Ethical Hackers, System Administrators, Network Engineers. This tool has great capability to gather information about computer networks.

In this course you will learn from lab setup to complete network scanning using NMAP. In this course i will guide you step by step to setup lab and use  NMAP. This course will give you complete knowledge about network scanning. After completion of this course you will be able to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities of network. 

This course is complete ethical hacking based course. To be a good ethical hacker, you must have knowledge about NMAP. In this course i am using kali linux as platform to demonstrate all the lectures. 

This course will give you complete knowledge about full scan, half scan, three-way handshake process, FIN scan,XMAS scan, TCP scan, UDP scan, IDLE scan, Null Scan. 

This course will help a lot to those who are already working as IT professionals and who wants to start their career in the field of penetration testing or ethical hacking. Network scanning is a most important phase of ethical hacking. In this course you will learn complete network scanning using open source based tools.

One of the most important feature that Nmap has ability to detect remote operating systems and software. It is very helpful during a Ethical Hacking to know about the operating system and the software used by the remote computer because you can easily predict the known vulnerabilities from this information.

Who this course is for:
  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrators
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Computer Science Student
  • Computer network known
  • Hardware and network engineers
  • Datacenter Engineer


  • Students must have knowledge about computer networks
  • Computer network security knowledge will be advantage

What you'll learn:

  • Students will learn to scan entire computer network in their organization or company
  • Students will learn network scanning of ethical hacking
  • Students will learn about NMAP
  • Objective of network scanning
  • To find live hosts,ports,ip address of live host
  • To discover operating system on target host
  • To discover services running on hosts
  • To find vulnerabilities
  • What is ping
  • What is ping sweep
  • Three-way handshake
  • TCP communication flag
  • Different type of scanning concepts
  • TCP based scanning
  • UDP based scanning
  • Preparing lab setup at your home
  • Host discovery
  • Port scanning basics
  • Port scanning techniques
  • Port specification and scan order
  • Service and version detection
  • OS detection
  • NMAP scripting engine
  • Timing and performance
  • Firewall/IDS evasion and spoofing

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Setting up lab at your home

    • How to download vmware workstation player

    • How to install vmware workstation player

    • How to install vmware workstation player

    • Deploy metasploitable 2

    • Deploy metasploitable 2

    • How to download kali linux operating system image file

    • Deploy Kali Linux into virtualization environment

  • 3

    Overview of NMAP

    • NMAP introduction

  • 4

    Host Discovery

    • Overview of host discovery

    • Lets perform ping test

    • Specifying target host in nmap command

    • Specifying target networks in nmap command

    • Specifying target hosts and networks more advanced level

    • Finding an organization's ip address

    • Setting up dns server and creating some dns records

    • Zone transfer practice in our own lab

    • Nmap reverse-dns and traceroute

    • List scan

    • Disable port scan

    • Disable ping scan

    • ICMP echo request using nmap

    • TCP SYN Ping

    • Attempted ACK Ping

    • UDP Ping

    • ARP Scan

  • 5

    Port Scanning

    • Introduction to port scanning

    • NMAP simple command

    • Scan a large computer network for a certain open TCP port part 1

    • Scan a large computer network for a certain open TCP port part 2

    • TCP connect scan

    • TCP SYN, FIN, NULL and XMAS Scans

    • Custom SYN/FIN scan

    • TCP ACK scan

    • TCP windows scan

    • IDLE Scanning

Meet your instructor!

Vishal Patel
IT Instructor, System and Network Administrator, Entrepreneur

I am Vishal Patel. I am working as IT instructor. I have great experience with IT technologies. I have more than 8+ years of experience as IT professional. I am very passionate to work as instructor. I handled technologies like windows servers, linux, Cisco devices, storages, cloud, backup systems, database servers, application servers, mail servers, wireless technologies, network cabling, desktop computers, computer repairing, laptop repairing, IT security. I have also worked with software based companies as system and network administrator.  I have completed my graduation in Infrastructure Management Service and also did some professional courses to jump into IT world. I have taken professional training of Comptia A+, Comptia N+, Comptia Security+ , Comptia Server+, Comptia IT Fundamentals, CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, MCSE, RHCSA, RHCE, CCSA, SCSA, Exchange Server, Wireless Networking, Checkpoint Firewall, Linux Shell Programming, Cloud Computing, Ethical Hacking.

I have 6+ years of experience as trainer for classroom based training. I was providing training for all the above certification and technologies as classroom based trainer.

My vision is to provide quality training to the students and to make their life easy and secure their career.

I have also worked for many international client to setup their network.

I have extensive industry experience in the following areas:

Desktop Support Executive Role , Server Administrator Role , Network Administrator Role , IT Security Professional Role, System Administrator Role

Manage IT assets and documentation

Manage Hardware Servers like Dell Power Edge , Blade Center S , HP Prolint , IBM Tower 3500 M4 , Dell Power Edge T20 , Lenovo Think Center E70 , IBM 3200 M3 , Dell Power Edge R730 Rack Server

Manage Firewalls like Sophos XG135 , Sonicwall SOHO , Cyberoam 100ing , Dell NSA 4600 , NSA 2600

Handling Network Devices like Cisco Switches , Cisco Routers , Wireless Access Points , Wireless Routers , Cabling , Printers , Scanners , Web Cameras , Bio Metrics Devices , NAS , SAN

Manage Thin Client Systems , bandwidth management like broadband and leased line

I have good experience with Linux servers and Windows based servers like centos 6 , centos 7 , windows servers 2003 , windows server 2008, windows server 2012 , windows server 2016 , Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7

I have also good experience with LDAP , Active Directory , DNS , DHCP , IIS , Apache , Mysql , MS SQL, Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2012 and 2016 , SNMP , NFS , CIFS (SAMBA Server)

I have good experience with AWS , Azure , Google Cloud , Office 365 , G Suit , Zimbra Mail Server , Vmware Esxi , Vmware Vcenter

I have good experience with backup system like handling backup of database servers , application servers , data. Managing backup online and offline both

Good experience with storages like NAS , SAN , SCSI , LVM , Storage Servers

I have also good experience VPN, VLANs, Port Security , NAT , VPN , SSL VPN , IPSec , IDS , IPS

Managing network monitoring systems using nagios and cacti

Good experience with ticket management system

Good experience with applications like Redmine , Collabnet SVN , Team Foundation Servers, Test Links , Servers Monitor , Wireshark etc..

Handle Remote infrastructure management like datacenters and other location branches

Providing IT help desk supports to the clients and employees

I have also experience of educational field like provide training of IT-IMS based training like Hardware, Network, Microsoft Sever and Client, Linux Server, Cisco Router and Switches, Sun Solaris Server, Ethical Hacking, Security, EMC Storage, Exchange Server, Virtualization, Firewall (Cisco and Checkpoint)  etc…