Course description

Hello twitter user, Welcome to my course. Twitter is free. But gaining follower is not so easy.

  • Do you want to bring traffic to your websites?
  • Do you want to help Google to rank your website using twitter?
  • Have you ever used twitter analytics?
  • Do you want to gain unlimited twitter followers spending 20 minutes everyday?
  • Do you want to earn $ using your twitter account?

Then this course is for you. Buy this course. I will show you how to grow follower base for free and very fast. There will be no expense for that. Earning money is always sweet. I will show how to earn money using twitter account.

All you need is a twitter account. Yes, for this course, you will need one twitter account. You can use multiple accounts if you want. In this course, I will show several websites and how to use them with twitter. Each website has some advantages.

I will add some bonus lectures. It will be about how to increase traffic to your websites, get more subscribers in website or youtube.

*** So don't delay, grub the course and enjoy ******

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who wants to gain more twitter followers
  • Any one who has a twitter account
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Any one who wants to earn money using twitter
  • Any one wants to increase website traffic
  • Any one wants to increase affiliate sales



  • A twitter account
  • All other softwares will be provided


What you'll learn:

  • Rank high in GOOGLE
  • Grow twitter followers
  • Unfollow previous following
  • Send bulk direct message to followers
  • Filter non-followers by days
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase affiliate sales
  • Sell fiverr gigs

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Section 2

    • What is following, followers

    • Why some other service is required

    • Service to follow limited

    • Service to follow unlimited

    • Service to check who unfollows you

    • Limitation in a nutshell as a free user

  • 3

    Section 3

    • undost.com on github

    • Virtual host file settings

    • Install Xampp and setup virtual host in windows

    • Setup elasticsearch in local computer

    • Run undost from local computer

    • Need one to one help for setting up

  • 4

    Section 4

    • Filter non-follower

    • Unlimited unfollow

    • Unlimited follow

    • Twitter limitation

    • Unlimited bulk message

    • Follow, subscribe for additional service notification

  • 5

    New Chapter 5

    • Setup profile and cover photo

    • Verify mobile phone number

    • Email notification

  • 6

    New Chapter 6

    • Which account to follow

    • Following twitter trends

    • Tweet with image

    • Twitter analytics

    • Co promote tweet with others

  • 7

    New Chapter 7

    • Affiliate sale

    • Earn money - option 1

    • Earn money - option 2

  • 8


    • Conclusion

Meet your instructor!

Md Sajjadul Farooque Robin
React and Angular Frontend developer

Hello  Netizen,  

I am Md Sajjadul Farooque Robin.  I am working with web technology, games to embedded systems. I love Javascript specially React. Most of the time, I try to build everything on the Web.

Learning new tools, programming language is my passion. I also feel that teaching is also another way of learning more and gather experience. I am going to present courses with quizzes as much as possible. I feel course gives you knowledge but quiz makes you remember things in a better way.

Take this course today!

"Grow business with twitter. Increase traffic, affiliate sell"