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Learn and Master 12 SIMPLE Hip Hop Routines To Your Favorite Songs!

Have you ever... wanted to learn hip hop dance but felt too shy to go to a studio or don't have a studio nearby to learn?

Would you like to learn to dance but you feel like you may be too old or uncoordinated to dance?

What if I showed  how to dance by teaching you simple, step-by-step routines to some of your favorite songs without having to leave your home?

Does that sound/look/feel good to you?

Don't worry, my friends! I've got your back! You'll be learning basic routines that will get you jump started in really learning how to move and groove.

If you've ever seen crews such as Kinjas, Poreotics, Mix'd Elements, Jabbawockees, they all started at the same place: THE BEGINNING.

They weren't magically professionals.

I created this dance course for absolute beginners. No dance experience needed. So if you're a dancer with 2-3 years experience, this class is NOT for you.

Now if you're ready and you're excited to learn more about your course, let me give you a little taste of that course.

Sound good to you?

You excited? Good!

Here's what I'll be teaching you:

  • Basics of understanding eight counts

  • How to move to the music and be on beat.

  • Textures so your dance doesn't look monotonous

  • How to perform without looking like a deer in the headlights.

The focus of this class: You understanding the dance and feeling confident about yourself.

I take you through a series of routines that are broken down to the finest detail so you can perform it in your very own home.

Whether you're looking for choreography to learn or moves to just be able to use on the dance floor, this class is perfect for you.

This class is constantly being updated with new routines with the most-up-to-date music. You can use these routines for your weddings, quinceneras, talent shows, or the dance floor.

It's entirely up to you.

By the end of this class, you'll be able to perform these routines with ease and feel confident in yourself as a dancer. You can use these routines for your own purposes such as a wedding, bar mitzvah, talent show, etc.

Can you imagine what learning how to dance will do for you?

Imagine in the future how you'll feel when you can better move to the music, hear music 10x better than your average person... you'll never look at your self the same again because you'll be a much groovier, better version of yourself.

And that starts with you making a choice.

You've gotten a great idea of how the course works by now, and I hope you're ready and feeling excited.Enroll now to get stared on your class.

Who this course is for:
  • Not intended for dancers with 2-3 years experience.
  • Absolute beginners. No experience needed.
  • Students who are willing to experiment


  • Room to dance
  • Determination to practice, you're not going to be perfect at the first round
  • Comfortable clothes they can dance in.
  • Willingness to try new things
  • Open to feeling uncomfortable before getting comfortable (It's a new skill)

What you'll learn:

  • Comfortably perform hip hop choreography
  • Understand basic 8 counts
  • Know how to perform without a boring facial expression
  • Use the choreography for their own purposes (wedding dance routines, quinceanera, etc)
  • Understand basic hip hop grooves, movement, and footowork

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here

  • 2

    Feedback From Students

    • Steve_HH4B

    • Annett_Review

    • Danny_Review

  • 3

    Usher - Numb

    • Preview

    • 1st Eight Count

    • 1st Eight Count with Music

    • 2nd Eight Count

    • 2nd Eight Count with Music

    • 3rd Eight Count

    • 3rd Eight Count with Music

    • 4th Eight Count

    • 4th Eight Count with Music

  • 4

    Ariana Grande - Greedy

    • Preview

    • 1st Eight Count no Music

    • 1st Eight Count with Music

    • 2nd Eight Count no Music

    • 2nd Eight Count with Music

    • 3rd Eight Count no Music

    • 3rd Eight Count with Music

    • 4th Eight Count with Music

    • HH4B - Greedy - 4c NM_1

  • 5

    Cardi B - I Like It (Intermediate)

    • Preview

    • 1st & 2nd Eight Count

    • 1st & 2nd Eight Count w/ Music

    • 1st - 4th Eight Count

    • 1st - 4th Eight Count w/ Music

    • 1st - 6th Eight Count

    • 1st - 6th Eight Count w/ Music

    • 1st - 8th Eight Count

    • 1st - 8th Eight Count w/ Music

  • 6

    Black Eyed Peas - Shut Up

    • Preview

    • 1st Eight Count

    • 1st Eight Count with Music

    • 2nd Eight Count

    • 1st-2nd Eight Count

    • 1st-2nd Eight Count Music

    • 3rd-4th Eight Count

    • Everything w/ Counts

    • Everything w/ Music

  • 7

    Major Lazer - Cold Water

    • 1st Eight Count

    • 1st Eight Count w Music

    • 2nd Eight Count

    • 2nd Eight Count w Music

    • 1st-2nd Eight Count no Music

    • 1st-2nd Eight Count w Music

    • 3rd Eight Count

    • Everything no Music

    • Everything With Music

    • Closing Thoughts

Meet your instructor!

Emeroy Bernardo
Coach | Dancer | Entrepreneur

Emeroy is a professional dancer and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, CA.

         He's been dancing since the age of 8 and has been teaching since 2004. He's danced and toured with international companies such as Culture Shock, Antics, and Movin' On Up Productions, performed for the Los Angeles Rose Parade, LA Sparks, and the LA Clippers, and is a two time City of Alhambra B-Boy Champion and a 2017 Prelude Las Vegas Champion.

When he isn't dancing, Emeroy runs a digital marketing agency called Vision Paradox. They've successfully helped musicians and tech companies build their online platforms, build their email list, sell out shows, and gain millions of views on their content. Their goal is to do the heavy lifting of marketing so their clients can focus on their business.

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