Course description

Affiliate Marketing is perfect business model because you as an affiliate marketer focus on how to sell products or services what you want to promote. You do no need to buy goods or have warehouse. To promote affiliate products no need to have website but in order to gain more profit it's recommended to have one.

In this course I share my strategies and methods what I use in order to promote affiliate links. Some of this methods possible to find for free online but some strategies are design by me and I share them exclusively in this course only.

After completing this course you will be able to start effectively promote affiliate links and will generate sales.

Course curriculum

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    Affiliate Marketing Strategies to promote Affiliate Links

    • How to promote affiliate links on Facebook

    • Add Affiliate Page to Google for index

    • How to promote affiliate links on YouTube

    • Promote affiliate links with keyword trick

    • Use pinterest to build backlinks and promote your affiliate links

    • How to Use Google Adwords to promote your Affiliate Links

    • Google Adwords Marketing Strategy

    • How to increase Google ranking for your affiliate product

    • Use Quora to promote affiliate links

    • Extract all links from website for marketing purpose

    • Where can I post my affiliate links for free

    • How to promote affiliate links on YouTube and rank it fast with Facebook Groups

Meet your instructor!

Juri Fab
Affiliate marketer and WordPress developer

Working full time as an Affiliate Marketer. I'm creating niche websites and rank them in Google. I have created many successful projects already that bring passive online income. I have tested many marketing strategies and know what works best. Here on Uthena I share my ideas and strategies in order to help other people become successful in digital marketing.

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"How to promote affiliate links and products"