Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome! Jewel & Auret here. :) Here's what to expect from taking our course.
  • 2
    Setting up your channel
    • Why do you want to create a YouTube channel?
    • [Activity]: Deciding on the theme of your channel
    • Coming up with your YouTube channel name
    • How to create your youtube channel
    • Helpful Tips: What you need to know before creating your channel art
    • Walkthrough: Create a stunning YouTube channel banner-no design skills needed
    • How to upload your YouTube channel banner
    • How to upload a YouTube profile picture
    • What to do when your profile picture doesn't update?
    • Writing your channel description / about section
    • Personalizing your channel layout and adding your own links
    • Verifying your channel to enable more features!
    • Enabling the feature to schedule videos on your channel
  • 3
    YouTube Titles, Descriptions, Tags
    • Why YouTube SEO can be a gamechanger for your channel
    • STEP 1: Find your main keyword phrase
    • STEP 2: Title Your Video: Optimize for the search engine + grab attention
    • STEP 3: Come up with the tags / supporting keywords for your video
    • STEP 4: The 5 Section Formula for writing kickass YouTube video descriptions
    • STEP 5: Change the filename of your video and youtube thumbnail (NINJA SEO TIP!)
  • 4
    Filming and editing your videos
    • Filming equipment
    • Preparing for filming
    • Your Filming Studio
    • How We Set Up for a Bulk Filming Day
    • To Be On Camera or Not To Be On Camera?
    • How to start film a video (Jewel's Tips)
    • Editing Software
    • Video Editing Techniques: Jumpcut Editing Style
    • How to edit your video
    • Go Film Your First Video!
    • Uploading your video to YouTube
  • 5
    Next level: Automation Tips
    • Thinking of video ideas
    • Bulk filming / editing / uploading
    • Uploading video defaults
    • The importance of being yourself on camera
    • How To Change Your Youtube Channel Trailer
    • How The YouTube Premiere Feature Works - DEMO
  • 6
    How to get more subscribers
    • How To Properly Ask For More YouTube Subscribers and Likes
    • Just ask them to subscribe
    • YouTube outro
    • Annotations, Cards & End Screens
    • Responding to comments
    • Youtube mobile app - Easy way to comment back
    • Promoting in Facebook groups
    • How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Channel With Playlists
  • 7
    The Art of Selling on YouTube
    • 5 Ways We Make Money From Our YouTube Channel
    • Intro to the art of selling on YouTube
    • The art of selling on Youtube - Example Video #1
    • How to sign up for an Amazon Affiliate Account and share your links
    • Getting Started with Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Just Got Our First Check
    • Teespring YouTube Integration- Selling Merch on YouTube
    • How to Advertise on YouTube Step-by-Step
  • 8
    Youtube LIVE
    • YouTube Live Streaming Feature - Faster Way To Go Live
    • How To Livestream on YouTube From iPhone
  • 9
    Extra Cool Stuff
    • How To Get A YouTube Intro For $5
    • Mobile Tutorials - Filming the screen on your phone
    • Mobile Phone Video Setup for YouTube
    • How to Prep Your Filming Gear for Travel
    • Easy Set Up For On The Go YouTube Filming
    • My Top 5 Sources - High Quality Music for Your Youtube Videos
    • Get Free Copyright Free Music Directly From Your YouTube Dashboard
    • How To Get Custom URL for Your YouTube Channel
    • YouTube Community Tab - How It Works
  • 10
    BONUS Materials / Final Thoughts
    • Resource Links (PDF)
    • Interview with Steve
    • Best Budget USB Microphone
    • Best Budget Shotgun Microphone
    • How to do a Boom Microphone Set Up
    • Do Facebook Views Count as YouTube Views