Course description

Today, most people are using their smartphones (especially their iPhones) to capture every moment of their lives.

  • Want to take your Instagram and photography skills to the next level?
  • Don't have a lot of money to spend on a fancy DSLR camera? But you do have an iPhone!

  • Then our complete iPhone Photography Course is for you! 

We truly live in a digital world where photography skills are in high demand. In this course (which is designed for beginners) I will share with you step-by-step how to take better pictures just using your iPhone! 

Welcome To: iPhone Photography - Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone

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Here is what you will learn in our complete course:

  1. We will start with the basics of iPhone photography including the interface, different modes, filters, and so much more

  2. I will teach you the basics of shot composition, the rules of thirds, and demonstrate live in field how to use these concepts.

  3. I will teach you how to put everything together and create iPhone photographs that rival professional pictures using high end DSLR cameras!

  4. As an added bonus, I will also share with you a few ways to monetize your newly created professional photos!

  5. You will learn all of this and so much more by enrolling in our complete iPhone photography course today! 

By the time you are finished with our complete course, you will understand how to create better, professional looking photos using your iPhone! 

Now, if you ever have any questions, all you have to do is post in our course discussion to receive help! Not only only will you learn with more than (1+) hours of HD video, but you will also learn by doing and creating your very own content!  

But thats not all... 

The benefits to our course an absolutely unlimited! 

You will learn useful skills such as:

  • Photography Composition

  • The rule of thirds

  • How to filter your photos correctly

  • Developing and "eye" for photograph

  • How to maximize your iPhone using the correct settings

  • And so much more! 


With the right mindset, understanding, and application, you will instantly begin learning how to take better pictures with your iPhone today! 

When I learn something new I add it to the course -at no additional cost to you! This is a course that will continue to add more and more to every aspect of your life.

In addition to the 30-day money back guarantee, you have my personal guarantee that you will love what you learn in this course.


What I can't do in this Course..

I can't guarantee your success – this course does take work on your part. But it can be done!

I am also not responsible for your actions. You are responsible for 100% of the decisions and actions you make while using this course.


It's time to take action! This course will not remain this price forever! 

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See you in the course!


Joe Parys

Who this course is for:
  • This course for beginner to intermediate iPhone photography users who would like to take their photography skills to the next level!
  • This iPhone course is not for advanced iPhone photography users or advanced photographers


  • You will need an iPhone to participate in the action exercises in this course!
  • You do not need to have any prior iPhone or Photography knowledge to take our course!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - Welcome To Our Complete iPhone Photography Course For Beginners!

  • 2

    Setting Up Your iPhone Before You Take Pictures In The Field!

    • The iPhone Camera Basics From A-Z

    • Intermediate Setup - Turn on Grid, HDR, and Live Photo Mode

    • The #1 rule of Photography!

    • The Rule of Thirds - How To Take Better Pictures using The iPhone Grid Today!

    • The Rule of Thirds Examples - Live in The Field!

    • Portrait Mode Explained

    • Portrait Mode Examples

    • Square Mode Explained

    • Square Mode Examples

    • Panoramic Mode Explained

    • Panoramic Mode Example

  • 3

    Take Better iPhone Photos - Lighting, Angles, Accessories, Tools and More!

    • What is Shot Composition and why is it important in Photography

    • The 5 Most Important Shot Compositions To Help You Take Better iPhone Pictures!

    • Advanced Shot Composition Part 1

    • Advanced Shot Composition Part 2 - With Quiz Questions!

  • 4

    Post Production: Take Your iPhone Pictures To The Next Level

    • An Introduction to Canva

    • APPS & Filters Intro

    • My two favorite APPS to use to edit my iPhone pictures

    • CLASS PROJECT - Create and Submit Your Favorite iPhone Photography Photo

  • 5

    How To Monetize Your iPhone Photos!

    • 5 Ways to Earn Money With Your iPhone Photos

    • Stock Photos are a great way to earn income!

    • Check out my BLOG and how I am earning rewards for my iPhone images!

  • 6

    Course Extras: More Tips & Tricks For Taking Better Pictures With Your iPhone

    • What is a Pop Socket and why do I use one when taking pictures with my iPhone

    • Lighting 101 Why lighting is important and how to using lighting when outdoors

    • Angles 101 Why angles are important to think about when taking your pictures

  • 7

    Course Summary and Conclusion

    • Course Summary and Conclusion

    • Your Vision Before You Shoot

    • BONUS - BTS of a real photo shoot

Meet your instructor!

Joe Parys
Bestselling Instructor

Joe is a certified life coach, professional motivational speaker, entrepreneur, licensed psychology teacher and head basketball coach for USA Basketballs Pilot Program. His main areas of expertise are teaching, coaching, public speaking, personal development, personal transformation, the human mind, maximizing human potential, motivation and goal setting.  

My CV:  

Joe has his bachelor’s degree from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. He was a four-year varsity letter winning college athlete in the sport of men's basketball. He is also a coach for USA basketball.  

He is a Licensed Psychology, History and Government teacher for grades 5-12. He has been teaching High School for the past three years.  

Joe is also a licensed and certified professional life coach and motivational speaker from the Fowler Institute.  


Joe Parys is an entrepreneur running his own online academy, Joe Parys Academy. Joe has spoken and taught his courses in numerous high schools in the United States and continues to travel around the country inspiring students of all ages.

  Mission Statement- Joe Parys Academy is committed to superior life coaching. Our products and services are created and marketed with the purpose of helping others worldwide prosper and improve their lives.  

  Vision Statement- Our vision at Joe Parys Academy is to help each client find their purpose in life, reach their goals and fulfill their lifelong dreams.  

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