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Course curriculum

  • 2
    Setup and Installation of Required Tools
    • Install Java On MAC Machine
    • Download and Install Eclipse IDE on MAC Machine
    • Install Java & Eclipse on Windows Machine
  • 3
    Java Basic Concepts
    • Create First Java Project in Eclipse
    • Java Lectures GIT Code Location
    • Create & Execute First Java Program
    • Proof, Java is Platform Independent
    • Variables & DataTyes in Java
    • Conditional Statement in Java
    • Loops in Java
    • JAVA OOPs Concepts
    • Constructor In Java
    • Static & this Keyword in Java
  • 4
    Object Oriented Programming
    • Concept of Inheritance in Java
    • Method Overloading in Java : Polymorphism
    • Method Overriding in Java : Polymorphism
    • Super Keyword in Java
    • Final Keyword in Java
    • Abstract Class in Java
    • Concept of Interface in Java
    • Concept of Encapsulation in Java
    • Array in Java
  • 5
    String in Java
    • Concept of String in Java
    • String Comparison & Concatenation
    • String Buffer Class
    • String Builder Class
    • String Class Methods Part-1
    • String Class Methods Part-2
    • String Class Methods Part-3
    • String Class Methods Part-4
  • 6
    Exception Handling in Java
    • Exception Handling in Java
    • Nested Try-Catch Block
    • Finally Block in Java
  • 7
    Java Collection Framework
    • What is Collection Framework
    • GIT Code Location
    • Iterator in Java Collection : Enumeration
    • List Iterator in Collection
    • List Interface in Collection
    • LinkedList in Java Collection
    • ArrayList In Java Collection
    • Set In Java
    • HashSet In Java
    • LinkedHashSet In Java
    • TreeSet In Java
    • Map In Java
    • HashMap In Java
    • LinkedHashMap In Java
  • 8
    Interview Problems
    • Find Odd Repeated Number In Array
    • Find Missing Element in Array
    • Find Second Highest Element
    • Minimum Platforms For Train Management System
    • Search Element In Sorted Array

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My core expertise are DevOps and Cloud Development with Test Automation and CI Pipeline. I am graduate from Delhi University in Computer Science Engineering in 2012.

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