Course description

Netcat (usually abbreviated as NC) is a powerful information security tool used for reading from and writing to network connections using the TCP or UDP protocol. The name Netcat is derived from 'Net' (for networking) and 'cat' for concatenating data to a file.

Netcat is capable of performing multiple functionalities, something which has earned it the name of the Swiss army knife for Ethical Hacking. Netcat is a feature-rich tool that is capable of creating nearly any type of connection, which makes it extremely useful for performing network debugging and exploration. Furthermore, it has been designed such that it can function both as a client and a server, which enhances its functionalities to a higher level.

Netcat provides the following functionalities that can be useful for a Hacker/Pen-tester or a Network Admin

- Port Scanning.

- Banner Grabbing.

- Chatting (where we a create a simple chat server for two people to chat).

- File Transfer (where you can transfer different kinds of files like exe or text files from one computer to another ).

- Remote Administration with Netcat (where you will see how to create a backdoor in both Windows and Linux systems using Netcat).


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in network security and ethical hacking.
  • Those wanting to become Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers and Systems Administrators.



  • General IT Knowledge
  • Basic familiarity with the Linux command line is extremely helpful
  • Good to know how to use Linux/Unix OS
  • PC or Laptop


What you'll learn:

  • At the completion of this outstandingly unequivocal course, you will have the ability to use Netcat like a specialist!

Course curriculum

  • 3

    Basic Operations of Netcat

    • Port Opening With Netcat

    • Create a Simple Chat with Netcat

    • Port Scanning with Netcat

    • Banner Grabbing with Netcat

    • Transferring Files From One System to Another Using Netcat

    • Creating a Secure Tunnel

  • 4

    Creating a Backdoor with Netcat ( Backdoor Shells)

    • Things You will Learn

    • Get a Remote Shell via Netcat

    • Get a Reverse Shell via Netcat

    • Get a Reverse Shell via Netcat (Resource)

    • Get a Reverse Shell via Netcat

    • Reverse Shell Without Netcat on the Target Machine

    • Resources-Reverse Shell .txt

    • Using Cryptcat tool as a Backdoor

  • 5

    Nmap(Network Mapper) Crash Course

    • Introduction to Nmap

    • Finding Live Hosts in your Network

    • Listing Open Ports On a Target Host

    • Resourses- Listing Open Ports On a Target Host.txt

    • Fingerprinting OS and Services Running on a Target Host

    • Saving scan results in XML,Grepable and In Normal Format

    • Firewall Evasion Techniques

  • 6

    Using Netcat to Hack Outside the Network

    • Hack Windows Machine Outside LAN

  • 7

    Creating Persistent Backdoor with Netcat

    • Creating Persistent Backdoor with Netcat

  • 8

    Additional Material

    • Hacking A Windows Machine -Msfvenom Payload With Netcat

Meet your instructor!

Muhammad Ali
Information Security Engineer

I’m a Network Engineer and security analyzer, & Hold a Master degree in Computer Network Engineering (CNE) with distinction and am currently working as a Researcher in IT security. 

My method of teaching is mostly by considering real life examples, I usually start the topic by explaining the theory behind every technique, then shows you how it actually works in a real life scenario.

My passion to the ethical hacking has mixed with the background in programming which makes me a wise Swiss knife professional in the computer science field.

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