Course curriculum

  • 1
    Instructor and Course Introduction
  • 2
    Handling Variables and Creating Scripts
    • Foundation for understanding variables
    • Different types of variables (strings, characters and logical)
    • Creating scripts and understanding commenting and semicolon effect
    • Data selection with the colon operator
  • 3
    Doing Basic Math in MATLAB
    • Basic math (addition, multiplication, subtraction and powers)
    • Understanding operation precedence
    • Computing GCD, LCM, permutations and prime numbers
    • Trigonometric functions
    • Set operations (union, intersection, complement and others)
    • Computing statistics of the matrices
    • Handling random numbers
    • Cross and dot product
    • Basic logical operations (and, or and not)
    • Sign and absolute functions
    • Converting numbers between different bases
    • Discretizing your data
  • 4
    Operations on Matrices
    • Computing unique elements
    • Determining membership of elements to a matrix
    • Shifting matrix elements
    • Determinant, inverse and diagonal elements
    • Relational operations
    • Commonly used matrices
    • Sorting matrix values
    • Size and length functions
    • Concatenating matrices
    • Finding non-zero elements
    • Frequency of values within a vector
  • 5
    Advanced Math Functions with Symbolic Data Types
    • Symbolic variables
    • Differentiation and integration using symbolic variables
    • Solving equations
    • Symbolic functions
  • 6
    Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics
    • Input output commands
    • More input output commands
    • Plotting data
    • Plotting 3-D data
    • More on plotting options
    • Combining plots with hold on
    • Interacting with the plot using the brush tool
    • Two y-axis on the same plot
    • Animated line
    • Bar graphs
    • Checking for existence of scripts, files, folders, variables or functions
    • Manipulating directory (part 1)
    • Manipulating directory (part 2)
    • Processing text files
  • 7
    Importing Data into MATLAB
    • Importing data from Excel into MATLAB
    • Importing data in different formats
    • Spreadsheet link (introduction and installation)
    • Passing data between Excel and MATLAB
    • Calling MATLAB functions from Excel
  • 8
    MATLAB Programming
    • Conditional if statements (part 1)
    • Conditional if statements (part 2)
    • For loops for iterating through your code
    • Nested for loops
    • While loops (when you don't know the number of iterations)
    • Breaking out from a loop before final condition
    • Continue statement for skipping an iteration
    • Switch statements for choice selection
  • 9
    Writing Your Own Functions
    • Creating custom built functions
    • Functions with inputs
    • Functions with multiple inputs and outputs
    • Returning from a function
  • 10
    Sharing Your Results
    • Sharing results with automatically generated reports
    • Sharing your results with live scripts
  • 11
    Cell Data Types
    • Creating and defining cells
    • Accessing data in a cell
    • Adding and deleting elements from a cell
    • Concatenating cells and passing cell contents to a function
  • 12
    Tables and Time Tables
    • Creating tables
    • Adding descriptions, units and accessing individual columns
    • Selecting and reordering rows
    • Sorting rows of a table
    • More properties of a table
    • Reading and writing tables to memory
    • Storing summary of a table
    • Adding and deleting rows from a table
    • Adding and deleting columns from a table
    • Dealing with missing data
    • Creating time tables
    • Properties, sorting and data selection in time tables
    • Concatenating time tables
    • Indexing and retrieving data based on row times
  • 13
    Working with Structures and Map Container Data Type
    • Creating structures
    • Retrieving data from a field of a structure
    • Concatenating structures
    • Storing data from a structure field into a variable
    • More operations on a structure
    • Creating map containers
    • Concatenation and more operations on map container
  • 14
    Converting Between Different Data Types
    • Converting other data types to cell
    • Converting cell to other data types
    • Converting from other to table data type
    • Converting from table to other data type