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Course curriculum

  • 2
    Variabels and Operations
    • S2.1.lets talk about char variables Part01 FREE PREVIEW
    • S2.2.lets talk about char variables Part02
    • S2.3.Variables and their limitations
    • S2.4.Important Tips About Char and Unsigned Char FREE PREVIEW
    • S2.5.Naming of Variables Rules Of C Language.mp4
    • S2.6 . How to use int and float and see their diffrence
    • S2.7 how to do operations
    • S2.8 important tips about divide
    • S2.9 tips about increamenting variable by one
    • 2.10 operation priority
    • 2.11 how to store value in ROM Plus TIPS
    • 2.12 better way to do plus minus multiply and divide
    • 2.13 How To Set One Pin Of A port of MCU
    • 2.14 How to Set one pin of port wihout changing any other pin
    • 2.15 How to Reset one pin of a port To Zero without changing other pins
    • 2.16 how to Set one pin of port to highwith shifting
    • 2.17 How you can Reset One Bit to zero with shifting
  • 3
    Printf and its tips and tricks
    • S3.1 Printf Basic
    • S3.2 Use Percent C Percent i Percent d Percent f in printf
    • S3.3 How to use Percent itself in Output String and controlling charecter
    • S3.4 How to Print Double quote and show Big Value
    • S3.5 How to limitation in printf
    • S3.6 How to make Limitation on Integer and String in printf
    • S3.7 How to use scanf and printf in example
  • 4
    • 4.1.First kind of loop that you see in every C programming language
    • for loop work
    • 4.3.Use float as counter in for loop
    • 4.4.What ascii table is and how to use it
    • 4.5.Use for loop to show some of ascii table
    • 4.6.another example with for loop
    • 4.7.Use for loop inside another for loop that called nested loop
    • 4.8.How to use while loop like for loop and use its advangages
    • 4.9.Do while loop
    • 4.10.Use if and if else in loop
    • 4.11.break command in loop
    • 4.12.Continue command in loop
    • 4.13.use switch case instead of if and show its disadvanges
  • 5
    Function and tips
    • 5.1.create a simple function that do summing for us
    • 5.2.write a function that simplifi printf for showing an decimal value
    • 5.3.How to debug and everything about debug buttons
    • 5.4.How you can create function at bottom of page to work in all compilers
    • 5.5.Function example . write function that get age of someone that you want
    • and cons of function . less rom usage or faster execution
    • 5.7.Function Example . write a function that finde max value
    • 5.8.Function Exampe . write function that show max value
    • 5.9.Function Example . write last example without if else
    • 5.10.Local variable and global variable and their pro and cons
    • 5.11.Use global variable in functions example
  • 6
    • 6.1.create a char array and initiliza it and change its value and show its value as well
    • 6.2.Example . use loop to fill array and show them
    • 6.3.Example . create a function that calculate float average of some numbers
    • 6.4.Example . Use for loop with array
    • 6.5.Multidimential array . give it a value and access its values
    • 6.6.Use nested for loop for multidimential array
  • 7
    • 7.1.what is pointer and how to use them
    • 7.2.Example . Use pointer for input of function
    • 7.3.Use pointer for input and output of function to save ram and speed
  • 8
    • 8.1.How to create a struct and use it
    • 8.2.give a value to array with strcpy function
    • 8.3.Example .Use struct and array and scanf together
    • 8.4.Example . Use If and printf for struct
    • 8.5.Example . write a function that has struct as input
  • 9
    Union , Bitfiled and typedef
    • 9.1.Everything about union
    • 9.2.Show everything about union on calculator
    • 9.3.Size of union
    • 9.4.Use bitfiled in struct
    • 9.5.Use struct professionaly
    • 9.6.Use Typedef to be faster in coding
    • 9.7.Use typedef with struct
  • 10
    • 10.1.Use preproccesor define in project
    • 10.2.Use If preproccesor in project
    • 10.3.Use Compiler preproccesor
    • 10.4.write function in preproccesor

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  • Designed BLE 4.0 module with nrf51422
  • Designed Fly-back Power supply
  • Designed Music player with 100 Wat amplifier
  • Designed Global IR Controller
  • Designed voice recognition for elevator

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