Course description

 In this course by Navid Ansari you will learn all the basic about C programming language for microcontrollers. We will go through everything you should know about Printf and all functionality of Printf in its section.

In Loops Section you will learn all about all kind of loops with examples and we will talk about Asci table allot and we will use it in examples.

We will go to calculator for you to see all the bitwise operation that is so much important to microcontroller because you should be able to Set or clear registers of MCU.

We will have allot of example about function and how to use them to have more ram and how to use them to have more speed.

You will see where to use what variable to use less ram and rom and how to use preprocessor function to have more speed.

You will learn all about arrays and pointers and how to use them, how to use Pointer to have more speed and less overhead and you will see how you can use struck professionally to use less ram.


What you’ll learn:

  • learn how to work with all kind of microcontroller like arm pic avr 8051
  • learn how to work with all ide that support c programming language like keil atmel studio iar
  • understand all .c file like c library for stm or lpc or even linux kernel
  • learn how to use less ram
  • learn how to code to have more speed on execution
  • learn how to code to have less overhead


Who this course is for:

  • electronic engineer
  • computer engineer
  • software engineer
  • iot engineer

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Variabels and Operations

    • S2.1.lets talk about char variables Part01

    • S2.2.lets talk about char variables Part02

    • S2.3.Variables and their limitations

    • S2.4.Important Tips About Char and Unsigned Char

    • S2.5.Naming of Variables Rules Of C Language.mp4

    • S2.6 . How to use int and float and see their diffrence

    • S2.7 how to do operations

    • S2.8 important tips about divide

    • S2.9 tips about increamenting variable by one

    • 2.10 operation priority

    • 2.11 how to store value in ROM Plus TIPS

    • 2.12 better way to do plus minus multiply and divide

    • 2.13 How To Set One Pin Of A port of MCU

    • 2.14 How to Set one pin of port wihout changing any other pin

    • 2.15 How to Reset one pin of a port To Zero without changing other pins

    • 2.16 how to Set one pin of port to highwith shifting

    • 2.17 How you can Reset One Bit to zero with shifting

  • 3

    Printf and its tips and tricks

    • S3.1 Printf Basic

    • S3.2 Use Percent C Percent i Percent d Percent f in printf

    • S3.3 How to use Percent itself in Output String and controlling charecter

    • S3.4 How to Print Double quote and show Big Value

    • S3.5 How to limitation in printf

    • S3.6 How to make Limitation on Integer and String in printf

    • S3.7 How to use scanf and printf in example

  • 4


    • 4.1.First kind of loop that you see in every C programming language

    • 4.2.how for loop work

    • 4.3.Use float as counter in for loop

    • 4.4.What ascii table is and how to use it

    • 4.5.Use for loop to show some of ascii table

    • 4.6.another example with for loop

    • 4.7.Use for loop inside another for loop that called nested loop

    • 4.8.How to use while loop like for loop and use its advangages

    • 4.9.Do while loop

    • 4.10.Use if and if else in loop

    • 4.11.break command in loop

    • 4.12.Continue command in loop

    • 4.13.use switch case instead of if and show its disadvanges

  • 5

    Function and tips

    • 5.1.create a simple function that do summing for us

    • 5.2.write a function that simplifi printf for showing an decimal value

    • 5.3.How to debug and everything about debug buttons

    • 5.4.How you can create function at bottom of page to work in all compilers

    • 5.5.Function example . write function that get age of someone that you want

    • 5.6.pro and cons of function . less rom usage or faster execution

    • 5.7.Function Example . write a function that finde max value

    • 5.8.Function Exampe . write function that show max value

    • 5.9.Function Example . write last example without if else

    • 5.10.Local variable and global variable and their pro and cons

    • 5.11.Use global variable in functions example

  • 6


    • 6.1.create a char array and initiliza it and change its value and show its value as well

    • 6.2.Example . use loop to fill array and show them

    • 6.3.Example . create a function that calculate float average of some numbers

    • 6.4.Example . Use for loop with array

    • 6.5.Multidimential array . give it a value and access its values

    • 6.6.Use nested for loop for multidimential array

  • 7


    • 7.1.what is pointer and how to use them

    • 7.2.Example . Use pointer for input of function

    • 7.3.Use pointer for input and output of function to save ram and speed

  • 8


    • 8.1.How to create a struct and use it

    • 8.2.give a value to array with strcpy function

    • 8.3.Example .Use struct and array and scanf together

    • 8.4.Example . Use If and printf for struct

    • 8.5.Example . write a function that has struct as input

  • 9

    Union , Bitfiled and typedef

    • 9.1.Everything about union

    • 9.2.Show everything about union on calculator

    • 9.3.Size of union

    • 9.4.Use bitfiled in struct

    • 9.5.Use struct professionaly

    • 9.6.Use Typedef to be faster in coding

    • 9.7.Use typedef with struct

  • 10


    • 10.1.Use preproccesor define in project

    • 10.2.Use If preproccesor in project

    • 10.3.Use Compiler preproccesor

    • 10.4.write function in preproccesor

Meet your instructor!

Navid Ansari

I have more than 8 years experience in electrical engineering. I designed smart home application that have zigbee and rs485 in it. For zigbee I did design 3 different 2.4GHz antenna.

  • Designed BLE 4.0 module with nrf51422
  • Designed Fly-back Power supply
  • Designed Music player with 100 Wat amplifier
  • Designed Global IR Controller
  • Designed voice recognition for elevator

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