Course description

Are you a student or professional in the field of Mining EngineeringMetallurgyChemical EngineeringProcess Plant DesigningMetallurgical Engineering, or the science of Metals and have not been able to utilize process simulation software specific to Minerals processing industry, process modeling, simulation and optimization of real-world problems? Don't worry as THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!

*This course will expose you to a software specific to Minerals industry with embedded mineral processing unit operations like Crushers, SAG Mills, Kilns, Material handling Equipment etc.* which are not found in other simulation softwares like ASPEN PLUS, ASPEN HYSYS, and DWSIM.

In this course, students will be equipped with practical skills and knowledge of how to perform successful simulation studies of real world scenarios using METSIM software.

If you enroll in this course, you won’t miss the hands-on appreciation of using METSIM simulator as well as understanding the best practices of performing successful metallurgical simulation studies.

If you are new to process modeling and simulation in metallurgical operations, *don’t worry anymore* we have you covered, this course will first introduces you to the *basics of mineral process simulation*, followed by a *series of step-by-step practical demonstrations*.

*NB:* Students are strongly encouraged to follow through the demonstrations and repeat the practicals on their own computers.

  • 1st part is Introduction Theory. (25%)

  • 2nd part is Practical sessions. (75%)

Let’s have a quick review of METSIM Software.

METSIM provides an interactive, fast and accurate means of solving costing, heat balance and material balance problems in a vast number of applications. The software is used by many companies throughout the world to design, simulate and control operations from mine to tailings and everything in between. At its absolute simplest, METSIM software can be used to create a process flowsheet. The modules in METSIM covers mass and energy balances for either steady-state or dynamic simulations of mine, stockpile, heap leach, material handling, comminution, beneficiation, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, gas and steam handling, and tailings management processes.

Who this course is for:

  • Process Engineering professionals

  • Chemical Engineering professionals

  • Metallurgy students

  • Research & Development professionals working in minerals and chemical engineering industry.

  • Process Modeling and Simulation Engineers

  • Engineers and technicians interested to learn about modeling and simulation of metallurgical processes.

  • Beginner simulation software Users for softwares familiar with Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, JK Simmet willing to learn METSIM as well.


  • No need to have knowledge of METSIM, the course teaches you METSIM from the beginning.

  • Basic knowledge and terminology of Mineral processes, Chemical processing systems or Metallurgical operations.

  • Basic computer literacy – Ability to learn a computer program.

  • METSIM software (full version or trial version) installed on your PC.

What you'll learn:

  • Step by step building of simple simulation models in METSIM.

  • How to solving metallurgical problems using Simulation tools.

  • Process modeling of Steady State and Dynamic processes in METSIM.

  • Methodology of performing successful simulation studies.

  • Professional navigation of simulation software

  • Model development in METSIM

  • How to configure feedback & feed-forward control mechanisms.

  • How to create flowsheets

  • Plant Economics (Estimate and analyse plant operating costs and budgets.)

  • Linking METSIM models with Microsoft Excel for Data collection.

  • Adding unit operations and components in METSIM.

  • Mass & Energy Balancing in METSIM.

  • Understanding Dynamic & Steady State process modeling

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Building an understanding of modeling & simulation of Mineral Processes

  • 3

    Demonstration Practical 1: Exploring METSIM Process Simulator

    • Part 1: Configuring the METSIM workspace

    • Part 2: Configuring Unit Operations

    • Part 3: Adding Components

  • 4

    Demonstration Practical 2: Simple Model set-up in METSIM

    • Learn how to edit unit ops, text, resizing

  • 5

    Demonstration Practical 3: Data Handling using METSIM & Excel

    • Feedback & Feedforward Control mechanisms.

  • 6

    Demonstration Practical 4: Feedback & Feedforward Control in METSIM

    • Sump Tank Model Practical

  • 7

    Demonstration Practical 5: Modeling Dynamic models in METSIM

    • Build your first Dynamic model

  • 8

    Demonstration Practical 5: Analysing Metalurgical Plant Economics in METSIM

    • Analysing Metalurgical Plant Economics in METSIM

  • 9

    Course Resources

    • Resources

Meet your instructor!

Patrick Chesa
ChemEng | Technical Skills trainer | Lecturer

Patrick is a passionate technical skills trainer with proven ability to support and drive tactical and strategic company goals through “Lean Thinking”, data-driven analysis, training and effective project management. Patrick provides the tools and trainings that enable companies and technicians to strengthen their professionalism and enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in real world missions. His strategy is based on deep technical expertise and skills, crafted by years of designing and building advanced simulation components.

His growth and success has been based on gaining a thorough understanding of each client’s business needs, work environment, and competency framework, and then tailoring specific Training programmes to meet those needs and achieve immediate, sustainable and measurable outcomes.Patrick's reputation has been built on understanding my client’s needs, applying extraordinary quality standards, and designing the most reliable off-the-shelf and custom Trainings of their needs - a commitment that results in Operational Performance Excellence to many of his customers.

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