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Quora is a smart place for marketers and here is why:

  1. Gain exposure to Quora’s 750,000+ monthly visitors. Nearly 785,000 people access Quora each month in the U.S. alone.

  2. Build expertise and authority on your chosen topic.

  3. Check other people and Questions and Answers and Learn from them—users, customers, industry experts.

  4. Answer questions about your product or service and become more noticeable.

  5. Be aware of what is happening! Find out the questions people are asking about your product or industry.

Driving traffic to your website will involve the followings:

  • Optimize your profile – position yourself as an expert in the topic. Use your bio profile to promote your blog or social media accounts.

  • Find questions that attract the most views and followers – you may be thinking the most popular answer has gotten too many views and you can’t compete with them. But you should remember: most popular questions also have a ton of followers! So every time when you post an answer, those followers will get notification that there’s a new answer.

  • Look for new questions that are gaining traction – a week old question which receives 1000+ or more views is a good candidate.

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Who this course is for:

  • Business owners who want to increase sales
  • People who are interested to get free target traffic
  • People who are interested to become popular


  • Only a Quora account which can be created in a few minutes
  • PC with Internet
  • You should have free time in order to do posting on Quora

What you'll learn:

  • How to get free traffic from Quora
  • How to promote you business by using Quora
  • How to optimize your Quora profile

Course curriculum

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Juri Fab
Affiliate marketer and WordPress developer

Working full time as an Affiliate Marketer. I'm creating niche websites and rank them in Google. I have created many successful projects already that bring passive online income. I have tested many marketing strategies and know what works best. Here on Uthena I share my ideas and strategies in order to help other people become successful in digital marketing.

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