Course description

Google Adwords is one of the most powerful tools to promote your business online and increase your leads and sales. Courses on Adwords are many but those that help you to learn from zero are just a few and some don't even show you how to do your keywords list correctly. This step if neglected will waste your budget on targeting Bad or negative keywords!

My course is complete and is for all levels. Either a beginner or professional you can start today learning My Google Adwords course and be sure that in the end you will know how to run targeted campaigns and save your money.

You'll learn also:

  • How to edit your Ads and make them more attractive than those of your competitors
  • How to organize your Ads account by Ads How to make your list of negative keywords
  • How to choose the right bidding strategy that suits your goals
  • How to target correctly your audience
  • How to choose where to run your campaigns
  • How to make your negative keywords list
  • and how to save money and increase your ROI!

Is Course is really complete and very useful with many assignments and quizzes to test your knowledge, you'll be asked to put yourself in the shoes of a PPC specialist and make some negative keywords list! very amusing.

So start learning today and Run successful campaigns tomorrow!

I wish you all the success you deserve and hope you will love my lecture!

Good luck.



Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and anyone interested in promoting his business on google



  • no requirements


What you'll learn:

  • Make a keyword research
  • Create different ad groups
  • Edit ads
  • Beat out the competition by making highly converting Ads
  • Running effective compaigns on google
  • Understand Adwords metrics and data
  • Learn how to install the conversions tags
  • Track conversions on your ads
  • Learn the important metrics in your campaigns
  • How to save money on your ads
  • Create your list of negative keywords
  • Understand the concept of ROI
  • How to increase the ROI
  • How to calculate the ROI

Course curriculum

Meet your instructor!

Kawtar Dupont
SEO expert, digital marketing specialist

Well experienced in SEO and a digital Marketing specialist, I'm looking forward to teaching my knowledge and expand it through Uthena! Digital Marketing will have no secrets for you!

I'm always behind the latest digital trends and proud myself to be a digital native as I've never stopped learning Digital Marketing and all the technologies that go with.

So roll up your sleeves and get to work, all skills are learnable just a little bit of motivation and perseverance and go ahead!

Take this course today!

"The Complete Google Ads Training :Learn How To Run Successful Campaigns"