Course description

Complete guide on movie maker, in this you will learn beginning from interface, adding video / photo / music , adding titles, captions, credits, transitions, pan and zoom, e.t.c and many more topics will be covered in this movie maker tutorial series. Please check the curriculum for full details, enroll in the course and start learning today, enhance your movie maker skills.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who is interested in learning basic video edit or photo slideshow on movie maker can take this course


  • You don't need any previous Knowledge of Movie Maker, just install movie maker in your PC / Laptop and Start Learning

What you'll learn:

  • Edit Videos on movie maker, as well as can create photo slide show videos using movie maker
  • About Interface
  • Importing Photos, Audio, Videos
  • Adding Transitions,Pan & Zoom, Adjusting Duration
  • Adding Titles, Captions & Credits
  • Rotate Image, Fit to Music, Visual Effects, Aspect Ratio
  • Zoom In & Out, Thumbnail Size, Waveform
  • Trim, Split
  • Control Speed of a video, Adjust or Mute Video Volume, Add Background Music, Audi Mix Option
  • Split Audio, Fade In & Out, Change Placement
  • Record Audio, Record Webcam Video, Snapshot From Video
  • Save Audio From a video, Save Video, Save Project

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Windows Movie Maker Complete Guide

    • Introduction

    • Movie Maker Interface, Add Photo /Audio, Transition , Pan and Zoom, Duration

    • Titles, Captions and Credits

    • Rotate Image, Fit to Music, Visual Effects, Aspect Ratio

    • Zoom in, Zoom Out, Reset, Thumbnail Size, Waveform

    • Add Video, Trim, Split

    • Control Speed of a video, Add Music, Video Volume, Music Volume, Audio Mix

    • Split Audio, Fade in & Fade out, Change placement of Audio

    • Record Audio, Record Webcam Video, Snapshot from video

    • Save Audio from a video, Save project, Save Movie

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Hemendar Singh Rajpurohit

Hello I am Hemendar, I am a freelancer and basically i have knowledge in various fields related to computers, I have experience in Video Editing, Photo Editing, Audio Editing, Web Design & Development, e.t.c and i will soon come up with as many courses as possible, providing you quality Knowledge is my priority.

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"Windows Movie Maker Complete Guide"