Course description

Almost by definition, acoustic blues guitar has a dark side - it was born from suffering, after all. This course presents songs by blues legends playing music typical of the Mississippi Delta.

Artists include:

  • Robert Johnson
  • Mississippi John Hurt
  • Blind Blake

Blind Blake isn't strictly a Mississippi Blues Man (he hailed from Florida), but the song I chose is very much in the delta Blues idiom and is played in open D tuning.

While Robert Johnson is consider the giant name of Delta Blues, another Mississippi legend, John Hurt, plays blues of a completely different style – almost ragtime in flavor.

Each song is covered in one video lasting between 15 and 25 minutes, which also includes on- screen guitar tablature and a PDF file for downloading for later study. Everything needed to learn and play the song is included.

The level is not super complex, but you should have some experience in finger picking guitar techniques and changing basic chords - you will also be learning (probably) some new blues chord structures.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons - Mississippi Blues

    • Crossroads - Robert Johnson Lesson

    • Crossroads - Robert Johnson TAB

    • Down the Country - Bind Blake Lesson

    • Down the Country - Bind Blake TAB

    • Love in Vain - Robert Johnson Lesson

    • Love in Vain - Robert Johnson TAB

    • Me and The Devil - Robert Johnson Lesson

    • Me and The Devil - Robert Johnson TAB

    • Satisfied and Tickled Too - Mississippi John Hurt Lesson

    • Satisfied and Tickled Too - Mississippi John Hurt TAB

    • Walkin Blues - Robert Johnson Lesson

    • Walkin Blues - Robert Johnson TAB

    • Come On In My Kitchen Lesson

    • Come On In My Kitchen TAB

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Born in the North of UK in 1950, where he attended schools in Creswell, Nottinghamshire and Shirebrook. He has had more jobs than he can remember, including working in the coal mines, teacher, electrician, mechanic, circus laborer, farm hand, channel tunnel engineer, industrial robot programmer, website builder and professional blues guitar player/teacher.

He has been resident in UK, USA, Germany, France and Portugal, where he currently lives and writes.

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