Course description

Basic Course Description 

Regular Expressions (Regexes) is one of the fundamental and essential skills for programmers, web developers, professional working on textual data and science students in the fields of computer science and biotechnology. Excellent Regexes skills is therefore a crucial factor for efficient processing and analysis of textual data.

This course is designed from a perspective of a student who has no prior knowledge of Regexes and the tools that are used to implement regexesThe course starts from the very basic concepts and then built on top of those basic concepts and move towards more advanced topics such as Assertions, Back referencing and Conditions.

To get the real feel of Regexes in solving and analyzing real life problems, the course includes a dedicated section on some real life examples of regexes.

The course is fun and exciting, but at the same time we dive deep into regexes to uncover its power of formulating and analyzing real life problems. The course is structured into seven Parts. Below is the detailed outline of this course. 


  • Section 1: Introduction and getting started with regexes
  • Section 2: Character Classes
  • Section 3: Anchors and Word Boundaries
  • Section 4: Repetitions using Quantifiers
  • Section 5: Group Constructs
  • Section 6: Assertions, Conditions and Backreferencing
  • Section 7: Practical Examples

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Dr. Nouman Azam (Your Matlab Professor)

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to build a programming career, analyze and retrieve textual data or want to polish his MATLAB coding skills


  • We cover everything from scratch and therefore do not require any prior knowledge of MATLAB
  • The installation of MATLAB software on your machine is a must for this course so that you are able to run the commands and scripts that we cover during the course. If you do not have the MATLAB software installed than you may consider the following options
  • 1. You may download a free trail copy of the software from the MATHWORK website. This is for limited time use
  • 2. If you are student or employee, you may contact your School or employer for a free copy. Many universities offer a free student version of the software
  • 3. You may consider downloading the Octave which is a free and has nearly identical functionality as that of MATLAB. (I would not recommend this option since you may not be able to have access to all the functions that we cover in this course)
  • 4. If none of the above works for you, then you may purchase the student version directly from Mathworks website which is significantly lower in cost compare to its full version

What you'll learn:

  • Develop beginner to advance level skills of writing Regular Expressions. This is the only course which enables you to learn regular expressions in both MATLAB and REGEX101 which provides a programming language indenpendent implementation of regexes
  • Gain hands-on experience of building regular expressions for real world problems

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started with Simple Regular Expression

  • 2

    Character Classes

    • Character Class Basics

    • Exclusion of characters using a character class

    • Some exceptions with a character class

    • Shorthand for character classes

    • MATLAB Codes

  • 3

    Anchors and Word Boundaries

    • Staring and Ending Anchors

    • Examples of starting and ending Anchors

    • Word boundaries (part 1)

    • Word boundaries (part 2)

    • MATLAB Codes

  • 4

    Repetitions using Quantifiers

    • Limited Repetition

    • Quantifiers

    • Lazy and Greedy Quantifiers

    • MATLAB Codes

  • 5

    Group Constructs

    • Understanding the Grouping

    • Non-capturing groups

    • Effect of Quantifiers on Groups

    • Alternation

    • Atomic Grouping

    • MATLAB Codes

  • 6

    Assertions, Conditions and Back referencing

    • Look Ahead Assertions

    • Look behind Assertions

    • Back referencing

    • Conditions (if then else)

    • Named Capturing Groups and Back referencing

    • Branch Reset

    • MATLAB Codes

  • 7

    Practical Examples

    • Password Checking Example

    • IP Addresses

    • Matching a valid date

    • MATLAB Codes

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Nouman Azam
Your MATLAB Professor

I am Dr. Nouman Azam and i am Assistant Professor in Computer Science. I teach online courses related to MATLAB Programming to more than 10,000 students on different online platforms. 

The focus in these courses is to explain different aspects of MATLAB and how to use them effectively in routine daily life activities. In my courses, you will find topics such as MATLAB programming, designing gui's, data analysis and visualization. 

Machine learning techniques using MATLAB is one of my favorite topic. During my research career i explore the use of MATLAB in implementing machine learning techniques such as bioinformatics, text summarization, text categorization, email filtering, malware analysis, recommender systems and medical decision making.

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