Course curriculum

  • 1

    Top Digital Marketing Best Practices in 2019 on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google

    • Ready to discover the top digital marketing practices for 2019?

    • Best Quick Facebook Marketing Tips Tutorial for 2019

    • YouTuber Best Practices Reviewed for Maximizing YouTube Channel Growth in 2019 and Beyond

    • Twitter 2019 Best Practices for Engagment and Reach

    • Google Organic Search 2019 Best Practices

    • Best Twiter Marketting for Beginners Course in 2019?

    • Best Twiter Marketting for Beginners Course in 2019?- part 2

    • Practice makes perfect! Help others and share for consistent growth

  • 2

    Make videos for the best results!

    • How I Earn $275:Video I Upload Part 1

    • How I Earn $275:Video I Upload Part 2

  • 3

    More Digital Marketing Options

    • Medium Partner Program Application from Start to Finish and Ideal Posting Strategy!

    • SMS Marketing Services for Global Audiences — Twilio + Salesforce vs WhatsApp + Burner vs Community

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I started my business in 2011 to help others overcome the same problems I struggled with starting with addiction, relationships, and money. After accumlating $100,000+ in debt to stay in business, I discovered teaching online in 2014. Within three years, I produced 3,000+ video tutorials and paid off all the debt while struggling to maintain ongoing relationships with my students. To help students and instructors grow better together, we launched Uthena in 2019 as the first marketplace offering the ability to publish free offers, courses, memberships, and services all in one place! I am grateful today for 5 years sober, 3 years plant based diet, 6 years married, 3 years parenting, and 7 years as an entrepreneur online with 2,300+ YouTube videos, 21 books, 680+ blog posts, 800+ podcast episodes, 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify, and 57+ video courses where I am the primary instructor on Uthena! Enroll in the course today and post a discussion to ask me a question or become a Jerry Banfield partner to join a community of 33 entrepreneurs like me which includes weekly voice calls and private group chats online!

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